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Where Can I Sell Rare Pokemon Cards

Condition: Did You Take Good Care Of Your Cards

How To Sell Pokemon Cards in 2021! (Selling Tips)

The second important factor in a cards value is the condition. If you do happen to have a first-edition, holographic base-set Charizard, youre not guaranteed thousands of dollars. The selling price depends on how well the card has been taken care of.

If you have a card that you expect is worth more than $100, Pratte recommends getting it graded by Professional Sports Authenticator .

Despite its name, the PSA grades all kinds of trading cards, including non-sports cards like Pokemon. PSAs 10-point grading scale is accepted as the industry standard, and the company also publishes price guides to help you determine a cards worth.

According to its current valuations, first-edition cards in perfect condition are valued at a minimum of $40. Those arent rarer, holographic cards either. A first-edition holo in mint condition can rake in between $1,000 and $24,000.

So why Prattes $100 limit? Well, the number isnt a hard-and-fast rule, but the card-grading services offered by PSA will cost $20 or more per card, meaning a lower-value card doesnt always merit the cost to get it authenticated.

Its a process, PSA spokesperson Terry Melia said. But its something that could reap big rewards in the end.

In addition to grading the condition of the card, PSA ensures the card isnt a forgery by using high-powered lights and magnifying equipment to check for tampering.

There are a lot of forgeries and bogus merchandise out there, Melia said.

Especially so online.

How Do I Check The Value Of My Pokmon Cards

Youll need to know the card name and number, the set its from, and the condition of the card. You can find this information by looking at the card or checking online. Once you have this information, you can use a Pokémon card value calculator to estimate how much your cards are worth.

Price guides will list the average prices for cards in different conditions, so you can get an idea of how much your cards are worth. From there, youll have to evaluate the condition of the card and look for any additional markings that may make the card even more valuable.

If you think you might have a rare Pokemon card, the best way to determine its real-time value is by searching for it online. You can check websites like eBay and TCGplayer to see what similar cards have been sold in the recent past. Like all collectibles, the price fluctuates, but you can get a good idea of a cards worth by looking at recent sales.

Facebook Marketplace And Craigslist

are other options to find people buying Pokemon cards in your area.

Not only will the buyer be able to see the card in-person to help you sell quicker, but you can probably find buyers who are interested in collections and box sets, so bulk selling is fast.

Another great thing about these marketplaces is that you can set a specific radius from your house so you dont have to go out of your way to sell at a far distance.

Keep in mind that pricing isnt easy when you sell through Facebook or Craigslist, so you have to do some research to know the value of your collection.

Extra Reading .

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Ultra Rare And Secret Rare Pokmon Card Collections

  • Pokémon-EX Introduced in the Next Destinies set, the EX cards have also appeared in the later XY series and the Black & White series.

  • Pokémon-ex The same sets with the EX cards also feature lower-case ex cards. In this case, ex stands for the extra attack abilities they will have the lowercase ex after their name it stands for extra because they have extra attack capabilities.

  • Pokémon-GX These cards were introduced in the Sun & Moon card sets and are easy to spot with the GX after the Pokémons name.

  • Pokémon LEGEND These paired cards were introduced in the HeartGold and SoulSilver lines, with a top and bottom half. Both have the word LEGEND after the card name so theyre easy to spot.

  • Pokemon LV.X These Pokémon cards are available in the Diamond & Pearl and Platinum series, with the letters LV.X printed after the card name.

  • Pokémon Prime Primes are powerful in-game cards from the HeartGold and SoulSilver sets. They sport a special design that features a holo border. Most show a close-up facial shot of the Pokémons face prominently.

  • Pokemon Star These cards from the EX series sets have a shiny star symbol next to the card name.

  • The rarest of them all, Secret Rare Pokémon Cards are usually foil with a unique appearance, and have a collector number higher than the advertised number of cards in the set.

    These are cool Examples of rare and unique Pokémon cards from GetCardBase.

    What Is A Good Price To Sell Pokemon Cards

    Dark Charizard Pack Pokemon Cards Vintage 1999 Rare

    When pricing Pokemon cards for sale, a good price is one that is fair for both the seller and the buyer. Youll want to find a price that is high enough to make a profit, but not so high that no one will buy the card from you.

    If you sell your Pokemon cards for too little, you may not make the profit youre looking for and people may be suspicious that the card isnt authentic. On the other hand, if you sell your cards for too much, they may not sell at all.

    Practice your pricing on cards with a low to medium value so that you can get a feel for what is a good price to sell Pokemon cards. Once youve sold a few cards and have gotten some feedback from buyers, youll be able to better price your more valuable cards.

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    Pokemon Card Price Checker: What Is

    The Pokemon card price checker is a particular tool that allows you to click on any Pokemon Card Sets to see a Card list and their current value. From there you can also add a Card to your collection or wishlist. The most complete price calculator apps also allow you to track the price chart history of a selected expansion set and card.

    The Best Place To Sell Your Pokemon Cards Online: Ebay

    The main marketplace is for sure going to be eBay, Pratte said. Even if youre someone who just stumbled upon your childhood collection, its really easy to take a couple of pictures make a decent listing.

    Why eBay? Its home to several high-profile deals, and it also caters to the $20 and $30 transactions. In short, eBay is the perfect meeting ground for nostalgic buyers and sellers and those whove been wheeling and dealing Pokemon cards since the 90s.

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    How To Sell Your Pokmon Cards

    Okay, so now you have some places to sell your cards.

    But how do you even go about getting started if you have a pretty large collection?

    Well, youll want to make sure that you organize them!

    A buyer on eBay is going to be more impressed with an organized collection, rather than an old, disorganized box of cards.

    Organizing your collection not only makes it more sellable, but it also makes listing stuff for sale easier because youll know exactly what you have in your collection.

    In this section, Ill give you some tips for organizing and selling your Pokémon card collection.

    Now, before we begin, I just want to note that these tips will help you when selling across multiple platforms, like eBay and Craigslist.

    But, some of the sites above may have their own rules for how they want you to organize your cards. So make sure you read the fine print first to see if a site has any particular requirements when it comes to how they want you to organize their cards.

    If not, then follow the tips below.

    Rating Pokmon Cards: The Pokmon Card Grading System

    I WON Rare Pokemon Cards From Goodwill!

    Of the billions of Pokémon cards created, only a handful are collector-worthy that can yield astronomical profit. A major consideration in a cards value is the condition.

    Collectible cards have their own unique condition system and terms. Overall condition is based on the physical appearance of the card on a one to ten rating system, with a score of 1 being the worst.

    Dont worry if your card is a 1. Some collectors want to collect the same card in every grade 1-10. Seriously,Poké-love is strong.

    Poké Note: Professional grading companies will rate a Pokémon card, it is not just something anyone can do. An official grade must be done by a certified specialist. However, below you will find the criteria that explains how gaming cards are analyzed and graded.

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    How Much Can I Sell My Pokemon Cards For

    Before selling your Pokemon cards, you might wonder how much you can make per card.

    After all, why get rid of them if you wont make much of a profit? How much can you anticipate for your Pokemon cards?

    There is a massive range for the price of Pokemon cards depending on the cards you have.

    You might make a few bucks, and you might make a fortune from your collection.

    Most Pokemon cards go for less than $2.00.

    These are the common cards, and there is an excessive number of them.

    You can find some cards for about $30, but these are rarer.

    There are also rare Pokemon cards that can go for thousands of dollars. A few cards have even been sold at almost half a million dollars.

    If you have a valuable Pokemon card, it can change your life if you know where to sell it. Why not make profit from your rare Pokemon card collection?

    Of course, many items can impact the value of Pokemon cards.

    You need to take care of them to increase their price. The better the look, the more likely you will find someone to purchase your cards.

    Organize Cards By Set

    Pokemon has been around for over 20 years. In the United States, there are more than 70 sets from the 1990s until now.

    Its best to organize your cards by set and then numerical order. This organization lets potential buyers quickly inspect cards and can help you earn more money since the store doesnt spend time cataloging the cards.

    You can find a complete setlist on sites like Pokellector. Creating a free account lets you build a checklist to quickly see which cards you have and the ones youre missing.

    There are other apps and websites you can use as well. The best catalogs display the current sales price, letting you estimate how much money you can make by selling the full collection.

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    Sell Pokemon Cards On Tcg Player

    If youre looking to sell your Pokemon cards, TCG Player is a great option. With over 10 million monthly users, its one of the largest platforms for buying and selling collectable cards.

    And best of all, its free to list your cards on the site. Heres a quick guide to getting started:

    • Create an account on TCG
    • Choose the Pokemon category from the menu
    • Select the cards youd like
    • Enter detailed information, including condition and price
    • Publish your listing

    They provide additional features like live pricing of cards, and you also get feedback from buyers that can level up your seller account. Listing hundreds or even thousands of cards is very easy on the sites with their app scanning tool.

    Thats all there is to it if you want to sell a large amount of Pokemon cards. With a little effort, you can quickly start selling your Pokemon cards on TCG Player.

    They also buy other cards like:

    Charges: They charge a different commission from different account levels starting from 8.95% to 10.25% on each sale plus 2.5% and $0.30 transaction fees.

    How Much Can You Sell Your Pokmon Cards rainbow rare pokemon cards

    You might have hundreds or thousands of Pokémon cards and, at the same time, not be aware that youre sitting on a gold mine.

    Also, you might not know the value of your collectibles, so you provide a steep listing price, which prevents other people from buying your Pokémon cards.

    Thats why you need a Pokémon card price calculator. Some sites only require you to input your cards name, set, or number. After that, theyll show how much you can sell those treasures.

    If you want a convenient way of looking into your cards value, visit these websites:

    Blastoise #2 $106.18

    To know the value of your Pokémon cards, you can also search several eCommerce and trading sites to compare starting prices. You can also look into the highest bids of Pokémon cards to know if theyre in demand.

    If you have the same in-demand card, it might be an excellent idea to put it up for sale. You can also discover which Pokémon cards have relatively low prices and prepare to sell them for generally the same price.

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    Research Bulk Pokemon Card Pricing So You Know What To Expect

    If youre selling a bulk set of cards to a reseller you should be prepared to get bulk pricing for those cards, which is typically a fixed-rate based on the type of card . Its important to understand that bulk rates are always going to be much lower than the market value for that card, and for good reason! When you sell to a reseller theyre turning around and putting in the time, money, and effort to sell those cards individually for a profit , and in order for that to be worth it they have to be able to mark those cards up significantly. Bulk Pokemon card rates can vary by company, but for most places youll see prices in the following ranges:Vintage Commons 5 cents to 10 cents per cardVintage Uncommons 10 cents to 25 cents per cardVintage Rares 50 cents to $1 per cardModern Commons/Uncommons 1 cent to 4 cents per cardModern Rares 2 cents to 5 cents per cardModern Holos/Reverse holos 10 cents to 20 cents per cardKeep in mind that card condition plays a big factor in which side of that range your cards will fall in for example, a LP rare may be valued at 50 cents, while that same card in NM condition would be valued closer to $1.

    Look For Rare Pokemon Cards:

    Rare Pokemon cards are always in demand and can fetch a high price. If you have any rare cards in your collection, be sure to highlight them when selling. It is also a good idea to get them appraised by a professional before selling to ensure you are getting the best price.

    You can find out which cards are considered rare by checking online forums or asking your local comic shop for advice.

    The Top rare Pokemon cards include:

    • Gold Star Espeon and Umbreon.
    • 2002 No. 1 Trainer.

    These all are rare cards that can sell for a high price.

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    What Are Radiant Pokmon Cards

    The Pokémon TCG evolves and expands almost on a weekly basis. In recent years weve been introduced to VMAX, VSTAR, GX, Rainbow, Alt arts, and many more. Now, there is hype surrounding the release of Radiant Pokémon cards. What are radiant Pokémon cards? Lets jump into it.

    Radiant Pokémon cards are the latest version of Shiny Pokémon cards. Radiant cards feature only shiny Pokémon and also a unique holo design exclusive to Radiant cards.

    Getting Your Pokemon Cards Graded

    How To Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay! *2022 Beginner’s Guide*

    In the course of researching the market value of your card, you may have come across graded cards that seem to be fetching large premiums over cards in seemingly mint condition. This is no fluke.

    Over the past 30 years, a number of third-party grading services have popped up to authenticate and grade trading and sports cards. Pokemon cards are certainly no exception. In fact, the multi-six and seven-figure cited examples in the opening paragraph of this article were PSA graded cards that scored GEM MINT 10 on a condition scale of 1 to 10.

    Popular Pokemon Card Grading Services Include:

    The paid professional grading insight and card authentication service can cost anywhere from $15 to $500 or more for a single card, but the added value can be well worth it when it comes to sale time.

    For example, the 1st Edition Base Set Charizard in mint but ungraded condition would likely have fetched somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 to $40,000 on eBay, assuming HD photos highlighted every nook and cranny of the card. The verified authenticity and gem mint status sent the sales price soaring past $400,000, making it only 1 of 121 known cards in existence to have achieved that grade.

    That said, card grading requires a small to moderate learning curve, and it may be wise to consult an experienced submitter, check out a YouTube tutorial, or even ask questions in a Pokemon Facebook group before submitting a card to a service.

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    Sell Pokemon Cards To A Dealer

    If you have a collection of Pokemon cards, selling them to a dealer might be fastest of the option.

    However, it can be difficult to find a dealer whos interested in buying Pokemon cards, and you might not get as much money for your cards as you would if you sold them online.

    If you do decide to sell your cards to a dealer, make sure you go around and compare offers before making a decision.

    Top Money Pick

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    We will confirm the shipping address once we confirm that we will take the order from you. This address may not always be the same so please take note if you are repeat business. We do not cover shipping charges.

    VERY IMPORTANT Please add into your package, a piece of paper with your name count breakdown. This makes it easier to identify that its your parcel.

    Once we receive the cards, we will process the order ASAP, , as soon as one working day if they were packed and sorted as mentioned above, . If we have to sort lots of cards out, payment will be much much slower.

    PayPal Payment is the only payment method we use and payment will be made via Goods & Services, which is inclusive of the total we quote. Therefore PayPal will take a fee for the payment. Please refer to PayPal for how much the fee will be.

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