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How To Throw A Great Throw In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Tips How To Throw Pokeballs Properly

Use This TRICK To Make 5 Great Throws In A Row In Pokémon GO! | Search For Zarude | Meta Analysis

Okay so the first one is a rather interesting invention of people who just cant get rid of the curve. You might consider this unethical, or you might think it is okay to go ahead with this, but here what you can do to start throwing straight balls: put two pieces of tape vertically on the screen parallel to each other in such a way that they are on either side of your Pokeball.

This will effectively block off the curve in your swipe, and you will be throwing perfect straight balls. You will have to take down the tapes for making a Curve Ball though.

The second and the most important thing we have picked up is that unlike what a large number of people have been doing, using your thumb to throw PokeBalls is not the most ideal. Instead, you should be using your index finger as fingers are more accurate.

Naturally, you are going to be holding your phone with the hand the thumb of which you would want to use. However, that would naturally add a curveball effect to your throw which isnt popular for accuracy.

Other than that, it is almost textbook knowledge that leveling up your trainer will make you fight better against the Pokemon that you might find hard to beat at a lower level duly acknowledged by the color of the capture circle around the Pokemon in question.

How To Use Tenorshare Ianygo To Spoof A Location

In this part, lets explain how to spoof a location using Tenoreshare iAnyGo.

  • First, please download Tenorshare iAnyGo on your computer through their official website. It can be downloaded through Windows or Mac computers without any issue. Once the downloading is completed, you should install the program by double-clicking on it. Installation is very simple please just follow the onscreen instructions to complete it. Then, just launch the software on the computer to see the main screen.
  • On the main screen, you can see the option called Change Location on the default mode.
  • Now, you should connect the respective iOS device to the same PC/Mac and proceed. Once the device is connected, you can unlock it and click on the option called Enter. This will take you to the next step.
  • You can now see a search box on the interface of the iAnyGo screen. On this interface, you should enter the GPS coordinate of the location you intend to be. If not, you can even type the exact address of the location. That will take you to the intended location virtually. Once the location is chosen, you should click on the option called Start to Modify. This option appears as a button. Thats it. Once you have done that, the original location of the device will be changed to the spoofed one. All the location-based apps will consider the spoofed location as its original location. You can use this feature to change the location of the device anywhere, regardless of your actual location.

Other Tips To Earn Higher Points

Once you have perfected your throws, the next step is to find the right Pokémon to increase your scores. This means going to places where there are large numbers of Pokémon and since that can be impossible sometimes, you should consider spoofing your device to different locations.

You can begin by identifying the best places to find the best Pokémon and the Pokémon Tracking map can help in this regard. Once youve located the best Pokémon in their natural habitat, you can easily teleport to these locations regardless of where they may be in the world using iToolab AnyGo.

This program comes with features that you can use to move around in the new location and catch as many Pokémon as possible. You can also use its features to track down some of the rare Pokémon that may not be in your location.

Here are some of the features of iToolab AnyGo:

  • It allows you to teleport to any location in the world in 1 click.
  • You can use the joystick feature to virtually move around on the map to various locations on the map as desired.
  • You can also use it to simulate movement on the map at various speeds such as walking or cycling.
  • It is also the ideal tool to fix the GPS location on your device.

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How To Make An Excellent Throw In Pokemon Go

By far the hardest throw to land in Pokemon Go, the Excellent Throw requires players to toss the Pokeball when the inner circle is as small as it can be. While this is definitely a challenge, some tips will help you consistently land those shots with ease:

  • Before throwing the ball, hold it and wait for the circle to reach its smallest radius
  • Let go of the ball, but dont touch it until youre ready to catch the Pokemon. This allows you to take your time with the throw and ensure youre ready before going for an attempt
  • Use a Curveball to increase your chances of catching a Pokemon before they attempt a throw. If successful, a star animation will surround the PokeBall

Dont Let The Ring Trick You

å¿å¸ï¼?Pokémon GO å¥½ç¨ AR 調æ´å¤§æ³ï¼?èµ°é? çå°?ç²¾é?ä¹è½ç«å?³æåä¾ï¼?

The target ring always gets smaller and smaller until you release the Pokéball. Once you throw the ball the target ring will freeze in place until the ball lands. The trick is to throw the Pokéball before the ring so that it will land when the ring is at the right size. When the ball lands right, you have an excellent throw.

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Catch Bonuses In A Nutshell

When you try to catch a Pokémon, the goal is to toss your ball inside the shrinking ring around them. But there are special catch bonuses that can help improve your chances of keeping that Pokémon locked inside that Poké Ball rather than breaking free.

There are four catch bonuses: Nice, Great, Excellent, and Curve.

Nice is when the ball lands at the moment the radar circle is at its widest, and gives you 10XP.

Great is when the ball lands in the middle of the radar circle when it’s half-size, and gives you 50XP.

Excellent is when the ball lands in the smallest radar circle and gives you 100XP.

Curve is when your ball curves, and gives you 10XP and a better chance of catching the Pokémon.

Whatever bonus you’re going for, remember to tap and hold on the Poké Ball to start the ring cycle so that you can wait to toss your ball until the ring is at the correct point.

Do Curveballs Increase Catch Rate

Curveballs surely increase the catch rate. The combination was of excellent throw and curveball gets you the best rewards and the best catch rate. Excellent Curve Throws are the best way to score huge XPs on every catch. For this, the Pokemon Go excellent curveball throw hack can be the most effective way to make the most catches and get the most points for each catch. For Pokemon Go excellent curve throw hack, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Wait until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size before you release the Pokeball.
  • Wait for the Pokémon to start attacking.
  • Spin the Pokéball to get the curve.
  • As the Pokémon gets around 75% of its attack, throw in the curveball as close to the center as possible.

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How To Get Free Pokeballs In Pokemon Go

If you have no idea how to get Pokeballs in Pokemon GO free, this section is just for you. Here are the 5 interesting tips that you need to follow to get free Pokeballs.

1. Start A New Game

You can start a new game or create a new account to receive Pokeballs for free in Pokemon GO.

2. Level Up Your Trainer

Leveling up with your fellow trainers will prompt the Pokemon GO game to reward you with new Pokeballs to catch wild Pokemon.

3. Spin A Pokestop

Spinning Pokestops is another reliable way to get free-of-cost Pokeballs in the game. However, ensure not to overdo the spinning process, as it could cause a soft ban.

4. Fight in a Gym

Fighting and winning a gym battle is another guaranteed way to get free Pokeballs. Make sure you use your most powerful Pokemon to do battle.

Pokemon Go: How To Throw Pokeballs Properly

How To Properly Throw Pokeballs in Pokemon GO! GUARANTEED GREAT THROW EVERY TIME! Set Circle Method

Since Pokemon Go is an mobile based augmented reality game, it changes the gameplay drastically. This game doesnt play out like conventional Pokemon games, an one example of that is the importance of throwing Pokeballs when trying to catch a Pokemon.

In this guide we discuss and share with you a number of tips about how to perfectly throw Pokeballs at the Pokemon.

For more help on Pokemon Go, read out our Consumable Items Guide, How to Track Nearby Pokemon, and Best Offensive Pokemon Guide.

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Is A Master Ball A Guaranteed Catch

Using the Master Ball is a guaranteed catch in the Pokemon series, and here is a look at how Sword and Shield implements this incredibly useful tool. However, like previous games in the Pokemon series, it is possible to obtain more than one Master Ball, though it isnt nearly as easy to get as the first one.

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Some good Pokémon include: Ponyta, Slowpoke, Snover, Numel, Wailmer/Spheal, Machamp, and Snorlax. But keep seeing whats out there and what works for you. Many evolved Pokemon or difficult to catch Pokemon can work well in these instances, especially because youll be able to farm them, as well talk about in a second.

The best Pokémon here are typically going to be legendaries: Groudon was particulary easy, as far as I remember. Your best shot here are legendaries awarded through the Go League, Research Rewards, or any instance where you can use unlimited balls. You can do it on Raids too, but be prepared to run out of balls.

Use Nanab Berries: Best used in tandem with the previous tip. But when you get a decent target, you want to make things as easy as possible on yourself. Dont use a razz berry to increase catch chances, use a Nanab berry to slow things down and make the encounter more predictable.

Use normal Pokéballs to farm: This is particularly helpful with the current skill challenge, because 50 excellent throws is an absolute ton of excellent throws. Ironically, not catching Pokémon is just as useful if not more so in this instance.

Once you find yourself with a good target: big, close to the player and not moving around too much, the last thing you want to do is waste it by sticking it in a Pokéball and ending the encounter. You want to use a red Pokéball so that you might get another shot at things: this is especially useful with legendaries.

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What’s The Deal With Sirfetch’d

Galarian Farfetch’d is a regional variant version of Gen I’s Farfetch’d. Instead of a Normal and Flying type, Galarian Farfetch’d is a Fighting type and its evolution, Sirfetch’d is one of the top Fighting types in Pokémon Go. In the core games, Sirfetch’d requires a particularly unique method of evolution. It must make three critical hits in a single battle. This really wouldn’t translate well into Pokémon Go, so instead, to evolve Galarian Farfetch’d, you have to set it as your Buddy Pokémon and make ten Excellent Throws.

Curveballs In Pokemon Go: How To Do Them And How To Throw An Excellent Curveball

How to throw pokeballs properly in Pokemon Go

A curveball is pretty much exactly what you’d imagine in Pokemon Go: it involves putting spin on a Pokeball as you throw it in order to make for something of a trick-shot. A curveball actually also carries a 10 XP bonus when it successfully lands and catches a Pokemon – and when combined with landing Nice, Great and Excellent Throws it’ll raise your chances further still of catching more difficult critters. A successfully landed curveball gives you a 1.7x bonus to your potential catch percentage – because of course, under the hood, Pokemon Go is all about the numbers.

In order to toss a curveball in Pokemon Go, hold the ball still in front of you with your finger on it and spin it in place, rotating around while maintaining contact with your device screen. When you then throw, the ball will curve based on the spin you put on it – it’ll curve left for clockwise spin and right for anti-clockwise spin. Throw in the opposite direction of the spin in order to send the ball to the middle of the screen.

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How A Great Throw Works In Pokemon Go

Throwing a Pokeball in Pokemon GO is all about finding the right timing. If youâre new to the game, it may take some time to develop skills to easily land the ball at the right place. To understand the landing more precisely, hereâs what you need to know about the working of great/excellent throws.

The moment you find the Pokemon on the map, make sure to tap it immediately. This will display a colored-circle around the Pokemon. The circle will help you time your throw so that you can catch the Pokemon and earn bonus points at the same time.

The key to getting a Pokemon GO excellent throw is to throw the ball in such a way that it lands the closest to the center. Itâs worth noting that as a beginner you might not be able to throw the Pokeballs at the center of the circle. In this case, you should target the entire circle. Why? Because when you land the ball inside the circle, youâll have a higher chance of catching the Pokemon.

Once youâve become an expert at landing the Pokeballs inside the circle, you should focus on timing the throw and releasing the ball when itâs closest to the center.

Make A Nice Throw In Pokemon Go Guide

  • Target the ring:
  • Every Pokémon has a different target ring in a different place. Some of them are closer to the face, others closer to the centre of the body. So, you need to try focussing on the ring and not the Pokemon because hitting the centre of the ring is the goal. This will help you score better.
  • Start with Pokémon which are bigger and closer:
  • To make a Nice Throw, you need to know that the bigger Pokemon like Snorlax, Pidgey, and Rattata will provide a greater chance of hitting a Nice throw. Attack them when they are closer.
  • Practice:
  • To master any skill, you need to practice, consistent efforts bring fruitful results. If you try to catch every Pokémon you come across, you will get better at landing Excellent Throws.
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    How To Make A Great Throw In Pokmon Go

    Though a bit harder, a great throws 1.5 capture multiplier, which is the second tier in Pokémon Gos rated throws, is so tempting. Doing it requires you to do the following:

    1. Encounter the pokémon you want to catch.

    2. Grab your pokéball and wait for the two capture rings.

    3. Hold onto the pokéball and wait for the inner ring to be at most 2/4th of the way in or the third sector.

    4. Throw the pokéball at the pokémon.

    5. Wait for the pokémon capture screen.

    Get Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon Go

    Pokemon go great and excellent throw guide.

    There is a certain procedure that you need to know before you expect to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go. The game has a protocol and once you fulfill it, you get your stone instantly. Here is what you must do to get the Sinnoh stones.

    • You get a chance of receiving a Sinnoh Stone when collecting your seventh day Field Research reward
    • You also get the Pokemon Go evolution stone by completing PvP Trainer Battles
    • One can also receive the Sinnoh Evolution Stone by defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader
    • Another possible way is through the Mystery Item in Go Battle League reward

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    How To Make Great Excellent And Nice Throws In Pokemon Go

    Once youve entered an encounter with a Pokemon, youll notice there are two circles that are surrounding it. One is stationary and the other will vary in size and color.

    The color of the inner circle indicates how difficult that Pokemon will be to catch. If the circle is a shade of green, itll be easy to catch. If its yellow, orange, or red, however, itll be more of a challenge.

    How To Make A Nice Throw In Pokemon Go Here Is Everything You Need To Know About How To Make A Nice Throw To Capture Pokemon In The Game Read More

    Pokemon Go is helping many pocket monster fans fulfil their dream to be a Pokemon Master. The game not only allows a player to catch Pokemons but one can also make their pocket monster evolve from small Tier one to the highest evolution stage. However, to be a strong pokemon trainer, you need to master the skill of how to make a Nice throw in Pokemon Go. This skill will not only help you capture strong pokemon but it will also improve your accuracy and chances of catching pokemon. So, if you are wondering about how to make a Nice throw in Pokemon Go, then do not worry, here is all you need to know.

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