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Where To Find Aerodactyl Pokemon Go

Aerodactyl Weakness And Counters In Pokmon Go

Catching Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go

The species has five weakness in total.

Cliff is one of three Team GO leaders players will battle in Pokémon Go. To beat him, youll have to defeat Pokémon like Aerodactyl, Slowking, and Dusknoir.

Aerodactyl is a Rock and Flying-type Pokémon, which means it will be weak against Water and Ice-type moves. But it will also suffer greater damage from Rock, Steel, and Electric-type attacks.

It will be the first Pokémon youll face when battling against Cliff, so make sure you bring Pokémon such as Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche to quickly and effectively faint Aerodactyl.

Other Pokémon you can use are Metagross, Blastoise, Electivire, Kabutops, Aggron, or Politoed considering the high effective damage they can deal to Cliffs Aerodactyl. But any Pokémon that knows Water, Ice, Rock, Steel, or Electric-type moves will give you an advantage.

This is also valid for when Aerodactyl is featured in raids. But when it comes to Cliffs battle, youll have to keep in mind his next Pokémon in the lineup when choosing your party.

The second Pokémon he uses can be Gallade, Slowking, or Cradily. After you beat one of those, the third Pokémon can be Tyranitar, Dusknoir, or Mamoswine.

Wondering How To Obtain Aerodactyl:

In Pokemon Go, you may be wondering how to obtain Aerodactyl. Due to its frequent appearance as a quest target in several special research missions, the Pokemon Go Aerodactyl is one of the most difficult to catch. There are a few ideas we can provide you if youre having trouble seeing an Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go. To qualify, you must acquire one of the pocket monsters inspired by pterodactyls and hatch it from an egg.

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How To Catch Aerodactyl In Pokemon Go Remotely

Finding the right Aerodactyl nest Pokemon Go coordinates is only a job half-done. Once you know where to catch an Aerodactyl, you need to visit that nest. Since it is not feasible to physically travel so much, users often just spoof their device location. To do that, you can take the assistance of dr.fone â Virtual Location . A part of the dr.fone toolkit, it provides a seamless solution to spoof iPhone location without jailbreaking it. You can also simulate your iPhoneâs movement the way you like in any direction by following these steps:

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the system

Firstly, launch dr.fone on your system and visit the âVirtual Locationâ feature from its home. Now, connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure that your device is detected. You can agree to its terms and click on the âGet Startedâ button to continue.

Step 2: Spoof iPhone location

After when your device is detected, the application will automatically display its present location. You can click on the âTeleport Modeâ icon, which is the third option on the top-right to spoof your GPS.

Now, just enter the Pokemon Go Aerodactyl nest coordinates or the address of the place you wish to teleport to on the search bar. This will change the map so that you can zoom in/out and move the pin around to adjust the final drop location.

Step 3: Simulate your movement

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Pair Of Binoculars Is Used:

A pair of binoculars is used as the icon for this. Your Field Research Tasks and progress towards catching a Legendary Pokemon may be found on the first screen, but tap Special to access the eight-part quest. Professor Willow has a few very particular demands for you to take into account. The Mythical Pokemon Mew can obtain all of the how-to get Aerodactyl in Pokemon to go challenges. Aside from the goodies, youll also gain a lot of XP.

How To Catch Aerodactyl In Pokemon Go Aerodactyl Too High To Catch


Home » Pokemon Go » How to Catch Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go, Aerodactyl Too High to Catch

There are many Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go. One of these is Aerodactyl. This flying Pokemon is one of the oldest critters in the entire franchise, appearing since Generation I. As such, it is also one of the more recognizable Pokemon. This makes it a staple for many Pokemon games, and Pokemon Go is no exception here. However, recently an issue has appeared with attempting to catch it. Namely, when you try to capture it, the Aerodactyl will appear to be too high up to catch. The end result will be that all of your Pokeballs are unable to make contact with the Pokemon. We dont have to point out how frustrating this can be. But dont worry, there is a solution, and in this How to Catch Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go, Aerodactyl Too High to Catch guide, we will tell you what it is.

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Go On A Shopping Spree

After facing allthose Trainers, you probably have some extra cash burning a hole in yourpocket. Youll certainly spend some of it on Potions and Ultra Balls, but whynot take this opportunity to pick up a few things that you might not have beenable to afford at the start of your journey?

Your partner Pokémon can be a true king of bling with this Crown, but itll cost you!

The CeladonDepartment Store in Celadon City is a great place to drop a little coin.Inside, youll find vendors selling powerful TMs and the previously mentionedEvolution items. There are also stands where you can purchase a wide variety ofaccessories to make your partner Pokémon look its finest. Hats, bows, glasses,and more are all available to deck out your Pikachu or Eevee in the latestfashion. Want to prove youre a real big spender? Deck out your partner in theglamourous Crownitll only cost you a whopping 999,999 in cash.

Be sure to swing bythe Pokémon League to talk to the Mega Stone Seller as well. Hes got a goodselection of Mega Stones that youll need to help select Pokémon reach theirfull potential in battle.

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Where To Find Shiny Aerodactyl In Pokemon Go

There are a number of Pokemons in Pokemon Go that can be matched by defeating them in a raid. In this case, if a player defeats the Mega Aerodactyl in mega raids, they can catch a normal Aerodactyl at the end. However, players still stand a chance to encounter and catch a Shiny Aerodactyl. Keep in mind that Shiny Pokemons are much harder to get in Pokemon Go than regular Pokemons and hence, a player might have to defeat multiple Mega Aerodactyl in mega raids to encounter a Shiny Aerodactyl. Nevertheless, as and when players catch a Shiny Aerodactly, they can evolve it into a shiny version of the Mega Aerodactyl. To do so, a player needs enough Mega Aerodactyl candy that can be collected by completing specific research tasks and taking part in other special events.

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How To Find Shiny Aerodactyl In Pokemon Go

Aerodactyl alone is a fairly challenging Pokemon to find, let alone its Shiny form. Currently, the game is hosting its Kanto Celebration Event. For a limited time, Pokemon from the Kanto region have their spawn rates increased as part of the Kanto Tour. Now is the best time to try and get one. To increase your own spawn rates, make sure to use an Incense and a Lure Module at the same time. Not only with this increase the chance of finding a Shiny Aerodactyl, but players can accidentally find another Shiny Pokemon while searching for this prehistoric bird.

Pokemon Go will likely host other Tour events for its other regions. The Kanto Tour was a big hit for players and will likely make a return as part of the 25th anniversary of the series. Players are eagerly waiting to see what the series does for its next mainline title. Its a big year to be a Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

Best Pokmon And Movesets To Counter Mega Aerodactyl

How to Get Aerodactyl – Pokemon Lets go
  • Shadow Metagross or Metagross: Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
  • Mega Blastoise: Water Gun and Hydro Cannon
  • Shadow Raikou or Raikou: Thunder Shock and Wild Charge
  • Mega Gyarados or Gyarados: Waterfall and Hydro Pump
  • Mega Manectric: Thunder Fang and Wild Charge
  • Zapdos: Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
  • Electivire: Thunder Shock and Wild Charge
  • Kyogre: Waterfall and Hydro Pump or Surf
  • Zekrom: Charge Beam and Wild Charge
  • Rhyperior: Smack Down and Rock Wrecker

After Mega Aerodactyl is defeated, players will be awarded Mega Aerodactyl candies and have the opportunity to catch either an Aerodactyl or a Shiny Aerodactyl. Players can use a Razz Berry or Golden Razz Berry to increase their chances of catching the Aerodactyl. Alternatively, players can use a Pinap or Silver Pinap Berry in Pokémon GO to earn more Aerodactyl candies from the capture and increase their Pokémon’s CP. Mega Aerodactyl is a powerful raid boss in Pokémon GO, but players can exploit its weaknesses and battle alongside other trainers to defeat it.

Pokémon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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How To Get An Aerodactyl In Pokmon Go

Power get an aerodactyl on Pokémon Go You should know that it is not an easy thing, so you will have to find one to help you complete the eighth challenge in the Lets Go research tasks, Meltan. Doing so will earn you 4.000 XP and take you one step closer to moving on to the ninth and final set of research tasks.

Luckily, there are a few different ways that players can go to catch a Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go. To get started, you can complete a specific field research task that will reward you with the Pokémon highly desirable, among others. Here, we will show you some methods that will help you with your goal.

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More About Pokemon Go

Get ready, Trainers! Season 5 of the #GOBattle League is coming soon with some exciting changes, including more themed cups!Do you have what it takes to win in the Little Cup, Kanto Cup, and Catch Cup?

Pokémon GO

The makers of Pokemon Go has added a new task called AR Mapping. The task will require the players/trainers to reach some specific Pokestops or gyms in the game. The players will then receive a task to scan their surroundings with their AR scanning screen. Thus they will be able to get some interactive tasks from these Pokestops or gyms. Pokemon Go was also amongst one of the highest-earning games of July 2020. This game was developed by Niantic and is one of the most played game all over the globe. The game uses mobiles GPS to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon that appear to be in the real world. The pokemon enthusiasts certainly enjoy the game and run on a freemium business model that supports in-app purchases for an additional in-game item.

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Niantic Aware Pokemon Go Trainers Unable To Catch Aerodactyl Provides Workaround Ahead Of Fix

Developed and released by Niantic, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular augmented reality mobile game available on Android and iOS running devices.

After its launch back in July 2016, this video game received many positive reviews from gamers around the world. Since its release, Pokemon Go has gained millions of users from both the Play Store and the App Store.

However, recent reports suggest that some users are having issues while playing the game. Many Pokemon Go players have reported that they are not able to catch the pokemon called Aerodactyl.

In detail, when the trainers are throwing their Poke balls to capture Aerodactyl, but it fails to capture. These users have tried multiple times but the situation remains the same and every time the ball gets wasted.

This has become so frustrated for the trainers as each time a Poke ball gets wasted and still they dont get the Aerodactyl. Meanwhile, there is no such case reported while capturing other pokemon. So apparently this problem is specifically related to Aerodactyl.

Some players have reported that they are unable to hit the Pokemon with the ball and they even cant see him as he is flying high above their phones screen.

The multiple reports on different social media platforms indicate that this Pokemon Go Aerodactyl issue is not just limited to some players, rather, it is affecting a majority players.

Where To Get Aerodactyl In Pokmon: Lets Go

Pokemon Go Aerodactyl: How to Catch, Counters, Weaknesses &  More

As stated above, the best way to get Aerodactyl in Pokémon: Lets Go is picking up a sample of Old Amber. This sample can be found near the museum in Pewter City. To collect it, head to Pewter City and rather than using the main entrance to access the Pewter Museum of Science, head right and around.

There, youll find a small tree that can be cut using a Secret Technique called Chop Down. For more on how to unlock Secret Techniques like Chop Down, be sure to check out our previous guide. Once youve cleared the tree out of the way, you can enter the Pewter Museum of Science.

Interact with the scientists inside, and one will give you a sample of Old Amber. With the Old Amber acquired, head outside and make your way over to Cinnabar Island. If youve unlocked the Secret Technique called Sky Dash, you can quickly fly over to Cinnabar. When you land, head left from the Poké Center until you find the Cinnabar Lab.

Enter the Cinnabar Lab, then take a right and make your way down the long hallway. When you come to the last door, enter and talk to the scientist in the upper right corner. By talking to this scientist, hell be able to analyze the Old Amber, then use his machines to bring Aerodactyl back to life. After that, youre given the Aerodactyl and can add it to your PokéDex and Party in Pokémon: Lets Go.

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How To Get Shiny Aerodactyl

However, this is not the only way to get one and isnt ideal for Shiny Aerodactyl hunters. If you want a shiny you need to encounter a lot of them. Thankfully they will be appearing in the wild during and after the event, but will still be rare. Use Incense when you can just to increase the odds of encountering one. The more you encounter, the better the odds of getting Shiny Aerodactyle during the event. Afterward youll be back to normal rates for everything, making it very difficult.

So thats how to catch Aerodactyl during the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto and Kanto Celebration events, and some tips for how to get Shiny Aerodactyl while the odds are more in your favor.


Postgame Adventures In Pokmon: Lets Go Pikachu And Pokmon: Lets Go Eevee

So youve conqueredall eight Gyms in the Kanto region and defeated the Elite Four to become thePokémon League Champion, huh? Well, that hardly means youre finishedwith Pokémon: Lets Go, Pikachu!and Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee!Intrepid explorers will find that theres still much to be done before yourPokémon adventure is truly complete, and this guide will help you plan whatextra challenges you wish to tackle.

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Aerodactyl Raid Guide And Best Counters

Aerodactyl can be beaten solo, its a little tricky, but it can be done, especially as its range of weaknesses means there are plenty of solid counters.

There are three very strong Mega options in the form of Mega Blastoise, Mega Gyarados and Mega Manectric each of which will boost Pokemon that share their respective types moves.

Trainers, congratulations on completing all 24 challenges in the #PokemonGOFest2021 Global Challenge Arena! As a reward, were excited to unveil more details on this years Ultra Unlock bonus events.

Pokémon GO

Following that, and in order of effectiveness, these are the Pokemon youll want to bring to Aerodactly Raids Metagross, Zekrom, Kyogre, Rampardos, Rhyperior, Dialga, Kingler, Therian Forme Thundurus and Magnezone.

The best moveset for each of the above Pokemon can be found below:

  • Mega Blastoise Water Gun/Hydro Cannon
  • Mega Gyarados Waterfall/Hydro Pump

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How To Get Aerodactyl In Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee


Find the Old Amber and revive Aerodactyl to earn one of the rarest creatures in Pokemon: Lets Go.

Among all of the various Pokemon available to capture in Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, some stand taller than others. Aside from mythical creatures like Mew, the prehistoric creature Aerodactyl is one of the rarer creatures in the game. Unlocking the creature also adds another rideable Pokemon to the trainers arsenal. Heres how to track down and unlock Aerodactyl in Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu and Eeevee.

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Can You Use Aerodactyl Against Scyther In Battle

In battle, Aerodactyl is a real Bug killer, so be sure to bring it out against Scyther, Parasect and co. But be also aware of its many weaknesses. Though you may think they are, Rock types are actually not immune to Electric attacks.

Pokemon GO players stuck on the Aerodactyl and fossil Pokemon step of the Meltan Special Research should consider these tip to catching the required Pokemon. [UPDATE: The methods below are currently outdated.

They typically require multiple players to complete and can reward those who take down the Raid Boss with a highly sought after Pokemon. For this specific challenge, completing five Raids will guarantee you an Aerodactyl, along with tons of other great rewards from the individual Raids.

Unfortunately, hatching an Aerodactyl from an egg doesnt count, because you need to specifically catch one of the pterodactyl-inspired pocket monsters.


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