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Pokemon Go Login Failed

Failed To Login On Mobile Data

How To Fix Failed to log in Error in Pokemon Go
  • When I’m on mobile data I get the error message “Failed to login” every time I open the app.I have no problems logging in on WiFi, and I can then turn off WiFi and still play the game.I have tried to uninstall the game, use Force Stop, I have checked data usage, and none of those solutions worked for me.I use Pokemon Trainer Club and Android.Anyone who can help me with a solution?Ranegaard – 5 years ago- report
  • Hide Root / Spoofing Apps

    As of now, Pokemon GO wont authenticate until and unless the phone is non-rooted or not jailbroken in the case of iOS devices. However, there is always a way to do things differently, and you can simply hide the root access and bypass Googles SafetyNet API checks. This can trick the game to believe the device is not rooted or jailbroken and the game will just work fine as normal.

    If you are interested to know How To Play Pokemon GO Without Moving On Android, visit the link as we have covered the method to use GPS spoofing apps without getting banned. And, also to hide the root access from your phone to bypass Google SafetyNet API tests. This will help you to use all applications that are restricted to work on rooted smartphones.

    If you are an iOS user, we have got something for you as well. We have covered this topic in a different article where you can learn to play Pokemon GO using an on-screen joystick. Hence, if you are interested to know How To Play Pokemon GO Without Moving In IOS, just visit the page and learn the trick.

    Tips 1 Use A Location Spoofer To Catch Pokemons Without Moving

    Hatching eggs without walking is a super-efficient way to play. When you desperately want to get new sprites, but unfortunately the weather doesn’t seem to be very good, the necessity of hatching these eggs on foot can make this extremely difficult. Instead, there is a location spoofer-iMyFone AnyTo can solve this question. Try this clever way to hatch Pokemon Go eggs without any walking!

    Change GPS Location on iOS/Android

    • Location Changer – you can change your device’s GPS location to any place when playing location-based AR games.
    • Create Routes with Customized Speed & Pause Anytime.
    • Historical Records – save the historical spots.
    • iOS Version: iOS 7 – iOS 16
    • Android Version: Android 6 – Android 11
    • Support to change location in other location-based AR games or social platforms, like Snapchat or .

    Here is the video toturial to spoof iPhone location in Pokemon Go with iMyFone AnyTo.

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    How To Deal With Failed To Log In Other Error Messages Plus Unstable Servers And Pokmon Go Being Unresponsive

    There are also other error messages that you might see. When logging in, you might be told you have ‘Failed to get game data from the server’ or ‘Failed to log in’.

    This likely means that while the server isn’t down completely, it is currently busy, so tap the Retry button and give it another go. If the issue persists, try again in five to ten minutes.

    Meanwhile, you can be logged in but still encounter problems. A red band can appear at the top of the screen with a message such as ‘GPS signal not found’, ‘Internet connection not found’ and ‘Error’. These suggest the issue is client side – so your phone is causing a possible issue – and so it’s worth checking the strength of your phone’s connection and moving location to see if that resolves the issue. For GPS signal specifically, turning on Wifi to get a better sense of your location might be useful too.

    Otherwise, server issues might also have some impact in these cases too, and waiting a moment usually helps clear these problems up. This is likely the case for blank or unresponsive PokéStops, which means data isn’t being pulled from the server.

    It’s also worth noting that though connecting to Wifi can provide a stronger signal when playing, if you are walking past shops, pubs and other places you have access to, the constant logging in and out of different hotspots may cause some confusion for the app, so it could be worth relying on phone data only if you are on the move.

    Clear The Data Uninstall And Download Again


    One thing you can do is to clear the data. This first step clears any previous accounts and data that were saved on the game. When this happens, you log in your account again to see if the problem persists. One other thing people do is to uninstall the app. Then they download the app again and log in their account. It can be tedious but part of the problem is that during the download process, something went wrong. Even though the game loads normally, there could have been some problems along the way.

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    How To Allow The Pokemon Go App To Access The Location

    Verify that Pokemon GO’s location permissions are set to “always allow” access to your location even when the app is closed.

    For Android devices:

    Access the Pokemon GO App permissions through Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Pokemon GO -> Permissions -> and set on “Location.”

    Please remember that certain phones may need a slightly different procedure for allowing location permissions in the settings menu.

    For iOS devices:

    Turn Location Permissions to “Always” in iOS Settings> Privacy> Location Services> Pokemon GO > and turn Location Permissions to “Always” in Pokemon GO.

    Best Tips And Tricks For Pokemon Go In 2022

    Pokemon Go has a huge user base and people all over the world are looking for some new tips and tricks every day. In order to participate in the game more flexibly and make full use of the game’s small skills, you will get a different experience during the whole game process. We have found some tips for you, learn them quickly.

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    Reset Pokemon Go Data > Log In

    If none of the methods worked so far, you can try resetting Pokemon Go data and then try again. It’s one of the more straightforward ways to fix Pokemon Go failed to detect location issue. Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Open the Settings on your smartphone.

    Step 2: Go to “Apps” > Tap on “Manage Apps”.

    Step 3: From the list of apps, open Pokemon Go.

    Step 4: Finally, tap on “Clear Data > Clear Cache”.

    Don’t worry all your progress will still be saved in your account. This process will remove it from your local storage. When you run Pokemon Go, you will be asked to log in again. And you will get back the data.

    Check Whether Your Pokemon Go Account Got Banned

    How To Solve Pgsharp Login Problem | Pgsharp Facebook Login Problem Solved | Pokemon Go

    One possible reason why Pokemon GO failed to authenticate you is that your account is banned from playing the game. Although the games security is too tight now as it uses Googles SafetyNet API to figure out if the device is rooted or not. However, in the early stages when the game was newly launched, many users were banned from using GPS spoofers, using bots, and other malicious software that ruins a healthy game environment. So, if you have done such things with your account in the past, there are chances that your account has received a ban.

    Whenever a player gets banned on Pokemon Go, an email is sent to the player from the Pokemon team stating about the ban. And, in case you think of it as a mistake from Pokemon Go, consider talking with the Pokemon Go support team and explain your situation.

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    What Causes Pokmon Go Failed To Log In Error

    Pokémon Go is one of the augmented reality or AR adventure games that allows users to capture digital creatures by roaming outside and putting them on a physical map. This is a GPS-enabled game where players have to catch the creatures by going outside.

    It easily detects the location of the player and the creature, but some players are getting issues while login into their Pokemon Go account.

    Users are seeing messages like failed to log in or unable to authenticate errors on their screens. If you are getting such types of errors, then dont worry here are some working methods that will help you to fix the Pokémon Go Failed to Log in Error.

    Before moving to the solution, lets know about the main causes that encounter such type of login errors in the Pokémon Go game.

    How To Fix Failed Login Error In Pokemon Go

    If you encounter the above error or unable to authenticate error in game then these fixes should help you:

    With this, you should be able to fix Failed to login or Authenticate error in Pokemon Go. If you need any help on topics like evolution in this game, beating up the members of Team Go Rocket, or more, check out our pokemon go guide.

    TOI.NEWS Game Guides

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    Remove Other Devices From Google Account

    If you play Pokemon GO on multiple devices with the same Google account, the Pokemon GO authentication error will occur for sure. Since the game can run at only one instance, playing with the same account on two different devices makes the game render two different locations. This will not only create a conflict for the game itself, but you can also mistakenly be banned by the game as well. Hence, it is advisable to remove other devices from your Google Account and play the game using one device only.

    To remove other devices from the Google Account:

    1. Open Settings.

    2. Now, go to Accounts and tap on your current Google account that you use to play Pokemon Go.

    3. Tap on the Google Account option, and go to the Security Section.

    4. Scroll down till you find Your Devices window.

    5. Go to the Manage Devices section and remove all the other secondary devices from this account.

    Select An Address For Pokmon Go Spoofing

    Some public places want more Pokémon Goâbut the Holocaust Museum does ...

    Now on the map, just pinpoint a place that you hope you were there. Let’s say, Vancouver.

    You can drag and pinpoint Vancouver on the map, or search Vancouver in the Search box. Then this Pogo spoofer will show the infomation including address, coordinates and the distance. You can zoom in and out the map to locate your place.

    Alright! Now just click on the Move button. You can see the location is changed to the new place instantly.

    Open Pokemon Go, you will find that you have successfully spoof your location in the game. Now that you have started, you can continue exploring the application and its wide set of benefits for the avid Pokemon Go player.

    Good luck!

    So you can also use this brilliant tool to create virtual routes to move along in the game, while you are just sitting home .

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    Pokemon Go Failed To Login Error:

    It is common error relating to Pokemon GO game. This error prevents you from login into Pokemon GO game in your Android/iOS device for some reasons. This issue indicates when you launch Pokemon GO game and trying to login into your account on Pokemon GO game, you experience error with Pokemon GO failed to login. There could be several reasons behind the issue including the issue with Pokemon GO game server itself, issue with internet connection and the issue with Pokemon GO game application itself.

    If you investigate there is some issue with Pokemon GO game server itself, you will need to wait until the server issue is resolved. However, this issue can be occurred due corrupted/outdated cache of Pokemon GO game, outdated Pokemon GO game, issue with Pokemon GO account itself, and other issues. It is possible to fix the issue with our instructions. Lets go for the solution.

    Update Pokemon Go App On Your Device

    1 iOS

    Open the App Store app > Tap Today > Tap the Profile button at the top of the screen > Navigate to the Pokemon GO app and tap the Update button.

    2 Android

    Open the Google Play Store app > On the top left, tap the Menu button > Tap the My apps & games menu option > Navigate to the Pokemon GO app and tap the Update button.

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    Check The Version Of Pokemon Go

    As you know, Pokemon GO is an online game and requires you to stay updated to continue playing. However, most people keep the auto-update feature on their smartphone Off to save the mobile data, or maybe for some other reason. Hence, if there is an update available for the game and you are still running an outdated version of the game, Unable to authenticate Pokemon Go errors are most likely to occur. Thus, it is significantly advised to keep the game always up to date to never experience such errors.

    Clear/reset Pokemon Go Data And Log Back In

    Fix Failed to log in-Pokemon Go Error in Android|Tablet
  • If nothing changes, here is another option that may be your rescue. Reset the Pokemon Go data if necessary.
  • Our smartphones’ applications routinely accumulate hidden things such as caches. When these components are extensively stored on smartphones, they might use significant storage space, preventing the app from performing optimally. And this might also be the case with Pokemon Go.
  • There is no question that you play it excessively whenever you have time. So Pokemon Go can’t locate the location might be due to accumulated or corrupted caches or small goods. Kindly inform us how to do this.
  • Take your Android handset and go to the “Settings” menu. Locate and hit the “Apps” tab. You will now see the option “Manage Apps.” To continue, just touch on it.
  • From the list of applications, locate and launch “Pokemon Go.” Now, choose “Clear data.” Confirm your actions by clicking “Clear Cache” and then “Clear data.” This will clear all of your Pokemon Go data. As a result, you must log in again to play the game.
  • Note: These ways can solve the “Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location” issue, but the low rate. However, you can still have a try.

    We hope the methods mentioned in this post have helped you resolve the Pokemon GO failed to detect location problem. We have Assisted you in spoofing your location using MagicGo in the game even after your phone has received the latest Android and iPhone security update. Just like that, you will continue to enjoy your game.

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    How To Fix Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate Error

    In general, it is easy and wont take too much time to log into Pokemon Go, one of the most famous Augmented Reality games that you can play on both iOS and Android devices. However, you may run into problems when logging in: Unable to Authenticate and Failed to Log in are two of the common error messages.

    Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality mobile game. It becomes more and more popular since its release in 2016. Even if you havent played it, you have heard of the name and know what the game is. But like any other apps and games, errors could occur on it.


    Pokemon Go can be played on both iPhone/iPad and Android devices. The game data may be lost due to various reasons. In order to recover the lost files in time, you should get a powerful data recovery tool in advance. MiniTool Solution provides you with the data recovery software for iOS and Android respectively.

    Data recovery software for iOS:

    Can’t Sign Into Pokmon Go: Unable To Authenticate Or Failed To Log In

    Recently, I noticed that many people are complaining about the Pokemon Go login issues. They receive the Unable to authenticate or Failed to log in error message that stops them from logging in successfully as usual.

    Error 1: Pokemon Go unable to authenticate.

    Unable to authenticate. Please try again.

    Error 2: can’t log into Pokemon Go.

    Failed to log in.



    Whether you are running Pokémon Go on iOS or Android devices, you may receive the Pokemon Go can’t authenticate or Pokemon Go can’t sign in error message. What causes them to appear?

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    Clear Cache And Data For The Game

    If the problem doesnât solve even after the verification, you can use another method to clear the cache and data for the game from your device. Clearing the cache is very easy. You just need to go to the settings and clear all the cache data for Pokemon Go. If you are using an iPhone, you need to uninstall the app and reboot your phone after removing the cache.

    Finally, reinstall the app and enjoy the game.

    Why Is It Unable To Authenticate Pokemon Go

    Someone is porting Pokémon Go to the Dreamcast VMU

    Before finding the solution to any problem, it is essential to find the reason behind the error. While opening the game window, if the screen shows â âPokemon Go unable to authenticate, please try again,â you must identify the reason behind the error. There are many reasons behind this error. Some of them are given below:

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    Ways To Fix Pokemon Go Authentication Error

    If you have checked out all the above things mentioned to be fulfilled from your side, then we can surely move on to these fixes and figure out whats causing it to happen in the first place. We will be going through 8 different methods as we are not aware of what situation your phone currently is, and it also varies from person to person. Thus, the simple advice for you is to try out each of these methods one by one and see if it gradually helps you out in fixing the Pokemon GO authentication error.


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