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How To Sell Pokemon Cards Fast

Sell Pokemon Cards: Our Card


The resurgence of Pokemon has young adults rummaging through their closets in hopes of finding their old trading card collection.

And, if theyre lucky, a rare card that could make them a fortune.

The 1997 Japanese anime-turned-trading-card-game-turned-video-game series holds a special place in the hearts of 90s kids, who cherished the furry creatures with elemental powers that could be traded and battled and hoarded for years to come.

For Scott Pratte, a Pokemon enthusiast and card-trading expert, the hobby never dimmed. Pratte collects and sells some of the most treasured Pokemon cards in the world.

Ive done seven-figure deals, Pratte said. Thats just one deal, not even my lifetime earnings.

Due to nondisclosure agreements, he cant say exactly which cards have made him the most money, but he said that his trophy cards, aka the rarest Pokemon cards on the market, easily rake in upwards of $1 million.

Only a select few people hold these trophy cards, usually those who won Pokemon tournaments in the early 2000s and were awarded ultra limited edition cards. But there are a fair amount of more common Pokemon cards that could sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Do You Have Valuable Pokmon Cards

The first step to selling your Pokémon cards is figuring out if you have valuable cards.

There are four types of cards that are more valuable than the rest holographic, shadowless, first-edition, and unlimited cards.

There are many popular cards out there that may be worthless.

However, these four categories of cards will fetch you a much higher sales price.

Lets break down each category.

Why Are Pokemon Cards Suddenly Popular Again

Pokemon card collecting has always been popular, as evidenced by the 34 billion cards now in circulation.

But even the makers of Pokemon cards were caught off guard when demand began skyrocketing in mid-2020. In addition to being fun, addictive, and nostalgic, collecting Pokemon cards during the pandemic even promised a potential form of economic relief each $4 booster pack could contain a Charizard GX SV 49 worth $1,800.

Soon, celebrities and influencers picked up on the resurging popularity of Pokemon cards. In early October, Logan Paul live-streamed an event where he opened a rare box of cards worth $200,000 in front of his 22 million subscribers. Pokimane and other influencers quickly followed suit, offering a Pokemon-flavored version of the ever-popular unboxing videos.

Things came to a head on October 13th, 2020 when rapper Logic bought a first-edition, holographic Charizard for an eye-watering $220,574.

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Protect Cards With Penny Sleeves

As soon as your collection has been sorted, it should be protected. For protection purposes, Penny Sleeves are broadly used.

In order to prevent bending, cards should either be in hard plastic cases or in binders with 9 pockets.

Additionally, there are ultra pro deck protector sleeves available in several colors. You can get both for a relatively low price, so use penny sleeves and plastic blinders to keep them organized.

Where Can You Sell Pokmon Cards

CUSTOM MADE Mega Pokemon Cards

The easiest place to sell Pokémon cards is on eBay.

Its by far the most user-friendly service to quickly list your cards and start earning cash.

You should be aware that many buyers will be wary of getting scammed.

Buying collectibles online involves sifting through a lot of scams and counterfeit products.

But remember that if you take the time to get your cards authenticated, youll have a much easier time selling them.

It shows buyers that your cards are the real deal and it will eliminate any arguments or skepticism that your cards are fake.

Creating an eBay listing is incredibly easy and convenient.

If youve never sold anything on eBay, make sure to check out our beginners guide to selling on eBay.

You can also sell your cards to an online or local card shop.

They may pay you less for your cards since theyll try to turn a profit off your cards, but its worth a shot if you arent having any luck on eBay.

You can even look into an auction house.

However, you should only consider this if you know you have a card that will go for thousands of dollars.

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Other Places To Sell Your Pokemon Cards

  • Cardmarket: a German-based online marketplace that caters to trading-card-game hobbyists.

  • Troll and Toad: a hub for all things gaming-related, including video games, table-top games and trading-card games.

  • TCGplayer: an e-commerce marketplace that allows stores and hobbyists alike to buy and sell trading cards.

  • : a free tool connected to your Facebook profile that allows you to buy or sell almost any physical item locally.

  • Local comic book or hobby shops: a great alternative to Facebook Marketplace if you want to buy or sell Pokemon cards without the hassle of shipping.

How To Sell Your Pokmon Cards

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If you’ve outgrown playing with Pokémon games and Pokémon cards, and remember where you have the collection stowed away, dig them out! Pokémon cards, as useless as they may seem to you, can be sold online for a lot of money. In about an hour or so, you can make easy money!

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How Much Does One Pokmon Card Cost

Pokémon cards typically cost $1.20 each. The majority of “Rare” Pokémon cards have a price of around $10, and “uncommon” or lower-level cards sometimes have a value of under $1. On average, the value of older and promotional Pokémon cards is substantially higher some of these cards are valued at over $300,000.

Pokemon Teases Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Remake

How To Sell Your Pokemon Cards

Time and Set: The earliest editions are the most sought after. Your cards will tell you on the bottom right what year the card is from, the year 1999 is particularly sought after. You will also see a little symbol that represents which set its from. If you have cards from 1999 in particular, look for the sets. Base Set is the most desirable. Especially if you see a 1st edition stamp left of the Illustration, thats perfect.

Rarity: At the bottom of the card, you will see a circle, a diamond or a star. A circle means its a common card, its generally far less valuable as its a lot more common to find. Diamond are uncommon cards which are more valuable. What you want to prioritise are cards with a star symbol, these are the rare cards.

Fan favourite Pokemons: Tend to have more value because they appeal to a lot of people, in particular Charizards, Blastoise, Pikachu, Venosaur. This one is a bit harder to appreciate, and you will learn more as you go.

Special treatment: In general cards with special effect or treatment tend to be rarer and more valuable, and are easy to spot. Holo / Foil cards that are reflective stand out . Cards with a Full Art, i.e where the art is taking the full space of the cards are also immediately recognisable and desirable.

“Alternatively if you prefer to define a specific price, which is particularly relevant for more recent sets where there might be less demand yet, I would recommend you base it on what similar items have sold for.

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How To Spot A Rare Pokemon Card

Cards that have a star symbol in the bottom right are rare. Aside from that, there are a few characteristics to look for.

Holographic, or holo, cards have a shiny, reflective background. Reverse holo cards are shiny everywhere except the illustration.

Secret Rares show a number above the number in the set, such as 136/135.

Theres a huge range of valuable cards out there, so if you think you have one, do some research online.

What Are The Most Valuable Pokmon Cards

The rarity and condition of a card will determine how much money you get from it. Cards in mint condition will fetch the most.

According to Heritage Auctions, cards with these features are particularly rare and/or valuable:

  • 1st Edition mark: The hallmark is on the center left side of the Pokémon Card. 1 editions cards are the rarest and most valuable among the standard Pokémon cards.
  • Shadowless: Cards that dont have a shadow also sell for a premium.
  • Error: Cards that have misprints and errors also sell for a substantial premium.

Here are some examples of some of the most expensive Pokémon cards ever sold:

Like I said above, you can use the handy tool from Card Mavin to determine the value of your Pokémon cards.

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Where Can I Sell Pokemon Cards Instantly

The best place to sell bulk Pokemon cards will vary depending on the type and condition of the cards and the sellers personal preferences.

However, some good places to sell bulk Pokemon cards include online auction sites such as eBay, online trading card stores such as Card Kingdom, and brick-and-mortar game stores.

What Are The Risks Of Selling Bulk Pokemon Cars pokemon gx cards

There are a few risks to consider when selling bulk Pokemon cards. The first is that you may not get the total value of your cards.

While there are several ways to determine the value of bulk Pokemon cards, ultimately, it is up to the buyer to determine how much they are willing to pay. Second, you may end up with counterfeit cards.

While there are many ways to spot counterfeit cards, it is still a risk. Finally, you may end up with damaged cards.

While most cards will be in good condition, there is always the possibility that some cards may be bent or damaged.

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How To Sell Pokemon Cards On Ebay

Although there are plenty of platforms to sell Pokemon cards, I would suggest eBay. Its free to get started, easy to use, and it has a huge customer base.

Once youve created your account, download the mobile app. Its easier to list cards onto your eBay store if you have the mobile app. Simply take a picture of the card you want to sell, and enter it into the search. eBay will automatically find the card. When you see one like yours, just click sell one like this, and a lot of the info will be added for you.

Examples Of Valuable Pokemon Cards

The table below includes the values of some of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world, i.e. ones that were acquired as prizes for winning competitions in the late 90s and early 2000s.

These types of cards were never available to the general public, and they make headlines every so often by selling for six figures at auction. The table also includes some cards that were available publicly as part of the original base set prints. According to Pratte, these are the most commonly sold cards among hobbyists. And if you do have a rare card in your collection, its likely to be of this type. Note how the condition drastically changes the value.

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Where To Sell Pokemon Card Bulk

If youre an enthusiast or collector of any kind, odds are you can spot expensive singles or rare cards amongst a stack of low-value items. And while separating those single cards out and selling them one by one is most often how youll make top dollar, getting rid of all your common bulk Pokemon, trainer, and energy cards all at once for any modest payout is a win.

Fortunately, there are places that offer fairly generous rates for the low-priced cards youre no longer interested in. Here are the best places to sell Pokemon card bulk.

How To Sell Your Pokemon Cards Fast

How to SELL your BULK Pokemon cards FAST and make MONEY!

Are you the lucky owner of some of those hit collectible trader cards from back in the 1990s? Yea, were talking about Pokemon cards! Almost three decades later, Pokemon cards have become quite the collectible and as a lucky owner yourself, maybe youre considering selling them for some fast cash.

We certainly understand what youre looking to accomplish speedy transactions for Pokemon cards is one of our specialties. Here are some tips to give you the best shot possible at selling your Pokemon cards as quickly and easily as possible:

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How To Sell Pokemon Cards A Journey

First of all, if you dont know much about me yet, Id advise you read a little bit about me in my about section. Now that thats done, lets talk about how I got into Pokemon. Well, I got into Pokemon the way most people of my generation got into Pokemon by trading cards on the playground when I was younger than your kids are now.

Of course, eventually I grew up. I sold my Pokemon games and cards to pay for dates in high school. Like Andy in Toy Story, I forgot about the things of childhood. But, then, I came across news about Pokemon cards once again gaining popularity. I started tearing through my possessions looking for my old cards. Unfortunately, I was surprised to find out that many of the cards that I had sold ten years before were now selling for 10x the price I had sold them for. I couldnt believe the increase in investment!

I happened to have some extra time on my hands for a few months and I wanted a hobby to keep myself busy with during this time so I figured Id give flipping Pokemon cards a try.

Why Invest In Pokmon

Pokémon cards are the premier non-sports cards to invest in today. The original 1999-2000 sets have been on an upward trajectory for over 5 years, with 2020 being the mega increase, thus creating a cultural demand similar to the 1999 release.

High-End Pokémon cards are being viewed as modern art, with the price tag for a pristine 1st Edition Base Charizard currently at $433,000.00 and climbing if you can get one. Due to correlations to Magic the Gathering, the prices today could increase steadily over the next 5 years. Outside of the economy crashing, Pokémon would seem to be a safe play.

Demand for original cards has consistently increased since 2010, but due to awareness, and points mentioned previously, there has been a fearlessness from buyers to set records. All year, record sale after record sale for high-end Pokémon Cards. The fear of missing out on todays price is real.

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Which Are The Rarest Pokmon Cards

You may not believe it, but several Pokémon cards at auction even fetched $10k for a single piece. So, if you have any rare card, it will surely be your best way to make $50k fast this year.

And the rarest and most expensive cards are as follows.

  • Pokémon GX: First introduced in the Sun & Moon set, these cards are scarce to find.
  • Pokémon-EX: First introduced in the Next Destinies set, these cards also made a comeback in the Black & White series.
  • Pokémon LV.X: First introduced in the Diamond & Pearl series, you can also find it on the later variants of the iconic Platinum series.
  • Pokémon Star: First introduced in the EX Team Rocket Returns set, you can also get it from other EX series.
  • Pokémon Legend: These are probably the only cards that come in pairs with a division between the top and bottom half.

Besides these five, Pokémon Prime and Pokémon-EX are also among the most expensive ones.

Facebook Marketplace And Craigslist

Golden Charizard Blastoise &  Venusaur V Full Art Gold Leaf

are other options to find people buying Pokemon cards in your area.

Not only will the buyer be able to see the card in-person to help you sell quicker, but you can probably find buyers who are interested in collections and box sets, so bulk selling is fast.

Another great thing about these marketplaces is that you can set a specific radius from your house so you dont have to go out of your way to sell at a far distance.

Keep in mind that pricing isnt easy when you sell through Facebook or Craigslist, so you have to do some research to know the value of your collection.

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Should I Sell My Old Pokmon Collection Or Hold On To It

It depends on your feelings about money versus nostalgia.

The value of Pokémon cards has been increasing steadily over the past few years. So, if youre planning on selling your collection, now might be a good time to do it.

If youre not in a hurry to sell and are a fan of the Pokémon franchise, you might want to hold on to your collection. Who knows, it might be worth even more in the future!

What Factors Determine A Pokmon Cards Worth

Usually, newer cards are not worth much, since collectors can still easily find them on the market. Pokémon cards from the original Base Set from 1999 are the oldest and rarest. A complete deck of the Base Set can sell for up to $10,000. The three main factors that determine the final sale value of your older Pokémon cards are:

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What Is The Best Place To Sell Pokmon Cards Online

The best place to sell Pokémon cards online is eBay or Mercari. Both of these sites provide you with complete control over the selling process, making it easy to sell your cards and make the money you want. Although you will have to make sure all of your products are shipped correctly, it is worth the extra effort.


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