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How To Get Behind Waterfall Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap Behind Waterfall Night Route Explained

New Pok̩mon Snap how to get behind the waterfall РJungle route move the Liepard

To get behind the waterfall at night time, you simply need to hit research level two rather than three. In the same spot, when you’re in the tree tops, Liepard will be fast asleep with some Pikipeks nearby. Aim at them and play music to wake them up and make them fly off, then fling Illumina Orbs at Liepard. This should make it stand up and leave, then you can scan and access the new route. If the Illumina Orbs don’t work, try throwing fluffruit instead.

Behind the waterfall at night, there’s a Leafeon and a bunch of Morelull, along with two sleeping Swampert. Behind the Swampert is a sleeping Wooper too, so you can get some unique photos back here.

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How To Get Behind The Waterfall In Jungle In New Pokemon Snap

A long waterfall at the end of the Founja Jungle is among the Pokemon Snaps earlier branch routes. One of New Pokemon Snaps main gameplay features is to unlock different branching routes in courses by figuring out different environmental puzzles.

Almost every course has a branching path, some of which are much more visible than the others. However, getting to this particular path is fairly difficult compared to any of the other side-routes found in the game.

Founja Jungle has many pathways, including a road leading the player to a massive waterfall at the end of the course. The waterfall provides a chance to make good pictures of some Pokemon. But players need to first figure out how to move Liepard blocking their way.

Move the LiepardThe first step is to move the Liepard out of the path that takes you to the Waterfall in Founja Jungle. You will need the Illumina Orbs or the Melody unit for this. This allows you to play music that is exclusive to specific Pokemons. They will react to it in their respective ways. In both stages in Founja Jungle, you only need to achieve research level 2.

The Liepard has to be moved based on whether you travel through the jungle during the day or at night. If you have Illumina Orbs, access the Founja Jungle Day version, and pass the Liepard from a distance by throwing an Illumina Orb on the Liepard. Afterward, you may even have to use Melody, but various players showed different results.

Pokemon Snap Behind Waterfall Day Route Explained

Unlocking the route that goes behind the waterfall in Pokemon Snap during the day is actually slightly harder than doing it at night, simply because you need to first get the Founja Jungle trip to research level three. Attempting this before level three will result in failure, unfortunately.

As you go over the treetops in front of the Toucannon nests, look to your right and you’ll see the Liepard leap onto the rock by the edge of the waterfall. Fire some Illumina Orbs at Liepard before it starts to rest and it should jump back to its feet and leave. Scan the area as you get closer and you’ll be able to interact with the prompt, unlocking the Pokemon Snap behind waterfall route during the day. Note that if this doesn’t work for you despite being level three, try completing the night route first, and/or playing a tune while you throw the Illumina Orbs.

Behind the waterfall during the day, you’ll find two Pokemon Leafeon and Sobble! While Leafeon can be found elsewhere in the level, this is the only place I’ve found Sobble. If you take a picture of the pair right as they come into view, their interaction should result in a 4* photo.

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How To Go Behind The Waterfall In New Pokemon Snap

The problem in reaching behind the waterfall is the Liepard who is blocking the way. Players cant jump over Pokemons in the game so you will have to find a way to move it. When reaching towards the Liepard play music to scare away the birds. You can play music by clicking on the music icon on the bottom left of the screen. After the birds are gone try taking a picture of the Liepard. This will scare him away, clearing your path. After Scaring away the pokemon, run a scan which will now show you 2 directions, choose to turn left and youll be able to go behind the waterfall.

While this was how you can get behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap at night, to reach behind it during the day is slightly different. During the day there wont be any birds around it. Go near the Liepard and throw an orb at it and when it stands up play the music. You will see it moving away and clearing the route. After the path is clear try scanning it and you will be able to go behind the waterfall. Players might face some issues moving it during the day, Try throwing the orb before the Liepard has slept and preferably when standing. Another point to keep in mind is keeping the lens at the Liepard and playing the music immediately after throwing the orb. Timing is the key to get behind the waterfall so be very quick.

Thats all for this guide on how to get behind waterfall in New Pokemon Snap. Do check out our article to know if there is a multiplayer option in Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap Jungle Waterfall Route

New Pokémon Snap: How to Get Behind the Waterfall in Founja Jungle ...

As mentioned, youll first need to raise your Founja Jungle night research level to 2. Otherwise, the necessary Pokemon interactions wont trigger, and Professor Mirror wont even point out the possible extra route.

If you thought the slumbering Liepard on the rock looked suspiciously smug, you were right. Its the key to getting the New Pokemon Snap waterfall route.

As soon as you see Liepard jump onto the rock, play music . This wakes up a bunch of Pikipek nearby.

The disturbance means Liepard wont go to sleep. Instead, it leaves the rock, and youre free to choose the alternate route. Just make sure youre ready with the scanner since, as with the other alt routes, the window for choosing it is pretty short.

Minor spoilers below.

Once youre behind the waterfall, youll see Wooper, Morelull, and some sleeping Swampert. Theres not much you can do with these Swampert. They dont react to music, and they wake up for just a brief time if you throw a Fluff Fruit at them.

Sleeping and alert reactions still make for decent photos, though your best chance for getting a fabulous Swampert photo is taking the swamp route.

Thats all you need to know about how to get behind New Pokemon Snaps waterfall, but stay tuned for more New Pokemon Snap guides in the coming days.

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Nighttime Waterfall Path Access

  • This Waterfall Path can be found in the Founja Jungle, so the players to head there first.
  • When they reach the location the players will see a Liepard resting in this location, as it is nighttime, it lies there asleep
  • They can move the Liepard by waking it up with the Melody feature on their in-game camera. While using this feature the player should have the Liepard and a Pikipek in the area in the frame. When done correctly the Liepard will get up and start chasing the Pikipek.
  • After the Liepard moves, a Question Mark will appear in the spot where it sat, the players will need to scan that.
  • This will then allow them to use the Waterfall Path in New Pokemon Snap.

Heading Behind The Waterfall At Night

Unlike the daylight unlocking process, you only need to reach Research Level 2 in Founja Jungle . This option is much easier, so go for the night route instead if you want to proceed quickly. In addition, you may fail in the day, which rarely happens at night.

The instructions are as follows:

  • Head near the Toucannon nests and turn right.
  • Chase the Liepard as it jumps on top of the rock close to the waterfall.
  • Throw Fluffruit at the Liepard.
  • Play a Melody to ensure it leaves.
  • Scan the area to reveal the hidden path.
  • Proceed behind the waterfall.
  • If you fail to activate the prompt for both modes, youll have to try again and make sure the prompt appears. Its better to press R and scan, as it makes the hidden route notification pop up.

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    New Pokemon Snap Waterfall Path Is A Secret Pathway That Can Be Accessed By Completing Certain Tasks Learn How To Access The Waterfall Path Here


    New Pokemon Snap has arrived and it is a remake of the old Pokemon Snap that was released around 20 years ago. This game has been developed by Bandai Namco and has a very intriguing approach towards the world of Pokemon. Players have seen most Pokemon games where they are battling at Gyms, collecting badges, finding and catching new Pokemon, but not this one. In this game, the players still have to capture Pokemon, but not with Pokeballs. Instead, they need to capture using an in-game camera. Players receive requests and tasks according to the Pokemon they need to capture images of. Numerous players are curious about New Pokemon Snap Waterfall Path.

    How To Move Liepard During The Night

    HOW TO GET BEHIND WATERFALL! | New Pokemon Snap Tutorial

    To move Liepard during the night, you need the Melody Player. Liepard is fast asleep on the boulder and will not vacate. Press R to play the Melody when you are close, and some Pikipeks should fly away. The Liepard will awaken and give chase. At the same time, you can start throwing fruit at the Pikipeks if the melody does not trigger them to fly away.

    Remember to scan the Question Mark above the boulder to access the alternate path behind the waterfall.

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    How To Get Behind Waterfall In New Pokemon Snap

    New Pokemon Snap is being loved by a lot of Nintendo Switch gamers. This amazing game is released on April 30, 2021. It is actually a sequel to the 1999 game Pokemon Snap. Since it is a new game released a long time after the previous game in this series, gamers are getting a lot of difference. Due to this, they are facing some problems related to various tasks in the game.

    A lot of gamers want to know How to Get Behind Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap. If you are also playing this game, then you must be aware of the confusion and difficulties that you will get in the game. If you are trying to get behind the Waterfall in Founja Jungle, then you will have to follow this given guide.

    It is actually divided into two parts. The first part will deal with moving Liepard while the second part will deal with going behind the waterfall. If you think moving Liepard is a simple task, you are wrong. You will have to follow some simple steps.

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    First of all, you will have to make sure that you have a Melody device. You will have to make sure that you have reached Research Level 2 in both Founja Jungle stages. Only then, you will be able to use the Melody device in the game. After that, you will have to play music using it. Press the R button to play the Melody device. This will move the Pokemon from the place. In case it does not move, you will have to throw fruit at it.

    How To Get Behind The Waterfall In New Pokmon Snap

    Any self-respecting video game worthy of its name should be chockfull of secrets to discover, and in this regard, New Pokémon Snap definitely does not disappointing, featuring tons of optional content only waiting to be unlocked by all hardcore completionists out there. Even if you are not one, however, you may still want to uncover some of the games secrets, which include additional areas found in most of the games courses.

    Among these optional areas that are seemingly locked off is the area behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle. When you explore the area for the first time, you will notice a Pokémon blocking your way, but it is possible to get it to move aside so that you can find out what is located behind the waterfall.

    Heres how to get behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle.

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    How To Go Behind The Waterfall In Pokemon Snap

    Before the Liepard sits down, youll want to distract it by throwing down some Fluffruit. If successful, play a Melody and watch as the

    There are other answers below:

    How to get behind Waterfall in Pokemon Snap? To get behind the waterfall first, the players will need to play the Founja Jungle course at night. This can be done only after reaching level 2. So make sure to increase your game level in the game.

    In order to access the space behind the waterfall, you need to move this Liepard before it falls asleep. That means youre going to have to chuck an Illumina orb at it before you get too close. Start throwing when youre about at the spot where the above photo was taken. If you hit the Liepard, it should get up and jump off the rock instead

    With the Liepard out of the way the rest is pretty simple and easy. To get behind the waterfall in New Pokémon Snap all you have to do now is scan the question mark icon that appears where Liepard used to rest. This will open up a new path for the NEO-ONE to take which brings it behind the waterfall and toward your ultimate goal.

    The instructions are as follows: Head near the Toucannon nests and turn right. Chase the Liepard as it jumps on top of the rock close to the waterfall. Throw Fluffruit at the Liepard. Play a Melody to ensure it leaves. Scan the area to reveal the hidden path. Proceed behind the waterfall.

    How To Get Behind Waterfall In New Pokemon Snap Easy Guide 2021

    New Pokémon Snap how to get behind the waterfall

    A lot of gamers want to know How to Get Behind Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap as this game is released on April 30, 2021. Players in this game are facing some issues in getting behind the Waterfall in Founja Jungle as there is a lot of confusion related to this new game. So, we have decided to bring this guide to you.

    Here, you will know How to Get Behind Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap, easily getting behind the waterfall in the Founja Jungle, moving Liepard, and other details related to it. Lets explore the complete guide about this game without any delay.

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    How To Get Behind Waterfall In Pokemon Snap Is A Popular Question Asked By The Gamers Recently So We Have Listed All The Information About The Same Read More


    New Pokemon Snap has been released and the makers have certainly managed to get gamers’ attention with the interesting challenges released. Thus the players have been asking some specific questions like how to get behind waterfall in Pokemon Snap. So to help them, here are some steps that they can follow to get to the Pokemon Snap Jungle Waterfall. Read more to know about Pokemon Snap Waterfall Path.

    How To Move Liepard During The Day

    Once Illumina Orbs have been acquired, enter Founja Jungle during the day at whatever Research Level and throw theIllumina Orb from quite a distance away at the Liepard, blocking the alternate route. The Liepard is on top of the boulder just before the waterfall.

    When you begin crossing the broken Tree above the Ancient Ruins, start throwing Illumina Orbs, and if your aim is true, the Liepard will jump from the boulder when hit. All you need to do is scan when near the boulder and hold X on the Question Mark that appears to access the alternate route.

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    New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Behind The Waterfall In Founja Jungle

    One of New Pokemon Snap‘s earlier branching routes involves a large waterfall at the end of Founja Jungle. One of the core gameplay elements of New Pokemon Snapis figuring out various environmental puzzles to unlock various branching routes in the courses. Almost every course has at least one branching pathway, with some being a lot more obvious than others. Even when you know a branching pathway exists, you’ll still have to figure out how to access it, with some pathways being a bit trickier to figure out than others.

    For example, Founja Jungle has multiple branching pathways, including a route that takes players behind a large waterfall near the end of the course. The waterfall presents an opportunity to get great candid shots of several Pokemon, but players will first need to figure out a way around the snoozing Liepard that’s blocking the path.

    Getting the Liepard to move requires different actions depending on whether you’re traveling through the jungle during the day or at night. If you pick the day course, you’ll need to hit Liepard with a Illumina Orb. Liepard will stretch and eventually jump out of the way, allowing you to run a scan and pick the route behind the waterfall.


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