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How To Evolve In Pokemon Masters

What Do They Need For Evolution


First things first what level does your Pokémon need to be to evolve? Well, they need to be at level 30 quite a bit higher compared to the original games. This is universal to all Pokémon on Pokémon Masters EX if you want to evolve Pokémon like Mudkip or Treecko. AKA, Stage 0 Pokémon. Stage 1 Pokemon, like Groovyle, have to be at Level 45 before they can evolve further. However, heres the thing there are a few things players need to do before they can evolve.

Even if a Sync Pair manages to reach level 30, the Pokémon in the Sync Pair wont evolve instantly. In addition, there are Sync Pairs that cant evolve their Pokémon. Well put them in another section but we digress. To start the evolution process, players need to have 5 Evolution Shards. The players need to access the shop and use coins to purchase Evolution Shards.

To evolve for a second time, players need to be at level 45 and have 3 Evolution Stones. To get an Evolution Stone, you need to buy them in the shop with coins.

5 Evolution Shards cost 1000 coins the first 2 times you purchase them. After that, players need to spend 10000 coins. Meanwhile, you can get 3 Evolution Stones for 5000 Coins the first time, and then 1 per 300000 coins. In total, after the discounts are finished, players need 910000 coins to max evolve their Pokémon.

How To Mega Evolve In Pokemon Masters

A pokemon that can mega evolve will do so when a Sync Move is complete, but this is a process, taking up 9 moves before it can be done. However, once this is done, the Mega-evolved Pokemon will retain the form through the rest of the Pokemon Masters battle. This isn’t the only thing the Sync Move does.

When a Sync Pair that can mega evolve completes a Sync Move and that Pokemon mega evolves, it will also unleash a new, powerful attack on the opposition. Proper use of this skill will likely lead to many high-intensity battles in Pokemon Masters, especially considering that one Sync Pair, Blue and his Pidgeot, are currently the main figure for the first major Pokemon Masters event. It is set to begin September 2 and run through the 29th of that month.

It’ll be interesting to see how Pokemon Masters compares to Pokemon GO. It hasn’t had the explosive launch onto the scene that the latter had, but it offers a ton of cool content and mechanics related to the Pokemon franchise, which is the #1 highest gross media franchise of all time.

Pokemon Masters is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Raising Pokmon From Eggs

If you’re looking to power up ahatched Pokémon to pair with the main character, it’s important to note that manyof the normal methods either won’t work or work differently. You can’t scoutEggs, hatched Pokémon don’t have a sync grid, and since Eggs hatch at only 1,you’ll have to do some extra work up front to bring their stats up to the samelevel as the sync pairs you scout.

Hatched Pokémon also have somethingcalled affinityan exclusive means of improving their stats that works similarlyto potential. There are only three 20-point affinity levels, which can beincreased by giving your hatched Pokémon treat items like Berry Tarts. Alsoexclusive to hatched Pokémon are 1 and 2Power-Up items you’ll need 20 of each to raise a hatched Pokémon up to 3so they can use the same power-up items as other sync pairs.

In order to increase the movelevel of a hatched Pokémon, you’ll need to give it Egg Move Candy. While hatchedPokémon don’t have a sync grid, they’re able to learn a lucky skill just likeany other sync pair.

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Sync Pair Evolutions Are Gated By Level Currency And Missions

Evolution works a little bit different in Pokemon Masters. To evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Masters you need to meet a couple of different requirements and complete an objective to finish the evolution. To evolve youll first want to make sure that youre leveling up the Pokemon that you want to perform an evolution on. Youll need to raise the level of your Pokemon dependent on which level you are trying to evolve.

  • Stage 1 Evolution: Reach level 30 and complete Sync Pair story mission
  • Stage 2 Evolution: Reach level 45 and complete Sync Pair story mission
  • Stage 3 Evolution: Reach level 60 and complete Sync Pair story mission

After youve reached the required level you will need to purchase Evolution materials and then complete a special mission to perform the evolution. The only way you will have access to the special mission is if you have enough of the evolution materials.

You can purchase the Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals in the Pokemon Center. Youll want to visit the blue vendor Tricia on the left of the Pokemon Center and go to the Item Exchange section of the shop. This will allow you to use coins to trade for Evolution Materials. You can purchase Evolution Share for 1000 Coins or an Evolution Crystal for 5000 Coins.

Once youve performed an Evolution in Pokemon Masters your Sync Pairs will get new moves that you can use in battle and they will be stronger.


Can All Pokmon Evolve In Pokmon Masters

Pokémon Masters: How To Evolve &  Mega Evolve Your Pokémon ...

Just like with every notable Pokémon game before it, evolution is a large part of Pokémon Masters. That being said, evolution does not work exactly the same as it has in previous Pokémon titles.

For starters, not all Pokémon can evolve. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an efficient way to identify which Pokémon can evolve and which ones cannot. Consequently, it will take some trial and error.

However, there are reports that any Pokémon found outside of their first stage forms are unable to evolve further. As a result, you will have to exclusively recruit first stage Pokémon if you wish to find pocket monsters you can evolve.

If you wish to try to evolve your Pokémon, then you are going to have to follow a few steps.

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Obtained From Exchanging Items

Only 3 Evolution Crystals In 1 Month

For a Pokemon to evolve to Stage 2, 3 Evolution Crystals are required. However, you can only exchange up to 3 Evolution Crystals in one month and they cost 300,000 coins each, making the decision to which Sync Pair to use them on more important.

Only 15 Crystal Shards Per Month

For Stage 1 Evolutions, you are required to have 5 Evolution Shards. The initial 5 Evolution Shards cost only 1,000 coins and will cost 10,000 coins afterwards, with a limit of 15 per month. Meaning that you are currently limited to evolve up to three Sync Pairs per month. As Evolution Shards are less restricting when compared to Evolution Crystals, try to use them as much as you can.

The Games Currencies Are Coins And Gems

One of the biggest criticisms that Pokémon Masters has received is its incorporation of loot box mechanics in order to acquire more desirable items in the game. Coins are the currency in Pokémon Masters, which can be obtained through battles, the exchange of gear, or linked to certain events. Coins can buy items, upgrade gear, or reset sync grids. Pokémon Masters also features gems, a premium currency. Gems can be earned as first-time battle rewards or by completing the weekly mission bingo, event missions, or through random bonuses. Gems are used for Sync Pair scouting rather than purchases.

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Pokmon Can Temporarily Mega Evolve

Pokémon Masters completely revamps its standard evolution system for Pokémon, but the game still features the more recent Mega Evolutions, albeit in a limited and temporary capacity. Mega Evolutions have been a creative way for Pokémon to gain a second life, so its exciting to see them worked into Pokémon Masters. Mega Evolutions are featured in the form of temporary boosts for Pokémon for a single battle and theyre triggered by the use of Sync Moves. Some of the Mega Evolutions and Sync Pairs include Agatha and Mega Gengar, Blue and Mega Pidgeot, Korrina and Mega Lucario, and several others.

There Are 5 Pml Badges To Obtain

How To Evolve Pokemon In Pokemon Masters

The main objective in Pokémon Masters is to battle other trainers rather than actually catching Pokémon. The game is supposed to demonstrate the strength and abilities of budding Pokémon trainers and the main story of the game revolves around acquiring five PML Badges from special trainers. Players are welcome to challenge whoever they want in the game, but the only way that theyll complete their mission to battle all of the PML Leaders and get all five badges. Badges have always been an important part of Pokémon, but its nice to see them get a heavy focus in Pokémon Masters.

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Its Set In The New Region Of Pasio

A frequent joy in each of the new Pokémon titles is that theyll typically be set in a new region that features lush new locales as well as a whole new Pokédex to complete. Pokémon Masters is set in an entirely new region, the island of Pasio.

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Pasio is an idyllic place, but whats so interesting about it is that it functions as a hub for characters from other regions. Characters and Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and even Alola are featured, as well as iconic professors, rivals, and protagonists from the past games.

In Pokmon Masters How Can Pokmon Evolve

In Pokémon Masters, evolution isnt nearly as complicated as it was in earlier games. For example, you no longer have to be concerned about environmental factors. You wont require evolution stones, and you wont have to evolve your pokemon at a certain time of day.

Rather, youll need to get your Pokémons sync pair to level 30 first. A unique battle will be unleashed if this occurs. You must first father five evolution shards in order to participate in the fight.

Tricias Shop is where you can get these shards. However, carefully consider which Pokémon you want to develop.

Every time you buy a set of these shards, the price will go up substantially. As a result, youll need to decide which Pokémon you want to develop first.

Take some time to level up your Pokémon beyond level 30 before you get your shards. Because the unique fight is very tough, you must be ready for anything.

Your Pokémon will develop if you win the fight. Then, when your Pokémon reaches level 45, you may restart the evolution process. Of course, your job isnt over yet. Mega evolutions must still be pursued.

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Which Pokmon Can Be Evolved In Pokmon Masters

Pokémon Masters tasks players with recruiting memorable characters from across the various generations of Nintendos ultra-popular franchise. As part of their Sync Pair, each character brings along their own signature Pokémon, some of which can be evolved.

If youre a series fan, you probably already know which creatures from the various Sync Pairs should have evolution chains. Totodile becomes Croconaw and then Feraligatr, you know the drill.

Unfortunately not all Pokémon with second- or third-stage evolutions can be evolved in Pokémon Masters. That Pikachu your player avatar has? Itll always be a Pikachu. Sorry, Raichu fans.

Below is a list of all the Sync Pairs with Pokémon which evolve at the time of writing:

  • Barry and Piplup
  • Kris and Totodile
  • Lyra and Chikorita
  • Pryce and Seel
  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Viola and Surskit

Which Pokmon Should You Prioritize Evolving

Pokemon Masters Evolve, Bagaimana Cara Pokemon Ber Evolusi ...

As already stated, players arent recommended to evolve all of their Pokémon. Thus, its usually recommended to evolve Pokémon that have a Sync Pair with a trainer. Keep note of the trainers that you have and then sync them with Pokémon that they use in the main series. In addition, always keep in mind that its better to evolve lower-tier Sync Pairs first before the higher-tier ones so that you can tackle each Evolution Battle with progressively more powerful Sync Pairs.

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Consumes Evolution Crystals & Shards

To evolve your Sync Pairs, you need to have “Evolution Shards” for Stage 1 and “Evolution Crystals” for Stage 2. Both are limited and require a very large amount of coins to buy after the initial purchase. With this restriction, it would be best to consider to prioritize the Pokemon in which you can get the most out of.

Pokemon Masters Explainer Guide: How To Evolve And Mega Evolve

You need to do a lot more than find a magic rock.

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Pokemon Masters has officially released, giving you a brand-new Pokemon experience to play on the go. Though Masters shares several similarities with previous Pokemon games, it does a lot differently too. One such difference is in how Pokemon can evolve. If you’re having trouble, we’ve outlined the process below.

First things first: not every sync pair you recruit features a Pokemon that can evolve. The Pikachu that you start with cannot be evolved into a Raichu, for example. As far as we can tell, there’s no definitive rule for discerning which Pokemon partners can evolve in Masters, though we have noticed that the only Pokemon that can evolve are the ones found in their first-stage form. If you recruit a sync pair with a Pokemon that’s already in its second-stage evolution, it doesn’t seem capable of reaching its third .

Android Authority has compiled all of the sync pairs with Pokemon that we know can evolve in Masters, which are listed below. There’s a chance that more sync pairs feature Pokemon that can be evolved, but we’ll need more time with the game to be sure. Evolving Pokemon can be a lengthy process.

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What Do You Need To Do After Getting The Materials

After getting all the materials for Evolution, players need to do Sync Pair specific storylines. Each of these Storylines consumes the materials needed to evolve Pokémon up to that point. 5 Evolution Shards to evolve on Level 30, and 3 Evolution Stones on Level 45. After that, players need to fight a particularly hard battle with tough Pokémon Sync Pairs. To win, players need to strategize properly and fight cautiously because no matter what, the Evolution Shards and Stones will be used up, even when you lose.

This makes it particularly painful when players lose the Evolution battle and need to farm the prerequisite materials to attempt Evolution again. Thus, its typically recommended to at least be 20 to 30 levels higher before you attempt an Evolution battle so youll have a good chance of winning.

‘pokmon Master’ Evolutions: How To Evolve Pokmon

Pokemon Masters How-To Guide – How To Evolve Your Pokemon

Pokémon Mastersis out for iOS and Android now, but one question players are having is if Pokémon can evolve in this new mobile game and if so, how?

Like other Pokémon games, the ones in Pokémon Masterscan evolve, but the way to do so is different than in the mainline games. t isn’t as grindy as Pokémon Go, but you’ll still need to put in some time to get Pokémon to evolve.

Here’s everything you need to know about evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Masters.


Like in other Pokémon games, Pokémon in Pokémon Masters need to level up to evolve. Unlike those games, however, the level is the same for all Pokémon.

If a Pokémon needs to evolve to a first-stage, or Stage 1 Sync Pair as the game calls it, that Pokémon will need to be at level 30. If a Pokémon can evolve again, it’ll need to be at level 45 to evolve into its Stage 2 Sync Pair form.

Evolving your Pokémon increases their power and gives them other added benefits like getting a new powerful Sync Move if the Pokémon evolves twice.

It’s not easy to evolve Pokémon in this game, though. Once you reach level 30 with a Pokémon, you’ll unlock a special side story. To play through the story, you’ll need a special item.

Trainers need evolution shards and evolution crystals to play through the story and complete the transformation. These items can only be found in the in-game shop by exchanging coins earned in battle.

Here’s the exchange rate in the in-game shop at the start.

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Sync Pairs With Pokemon That Can Evolve In Pokemon Masters

  • Barry and Piplup
  • Kris and Totodile
  • Lyra and Chikorita
  • Pryce and Seel
  • Rosa and Snivy
  • Viola and Surskit

Now, how you evolve these Pokemon is vastly different from previous games. You don’t need to worry about environmental factors, time of day, or evolutionary stones, though the traditional system of leveling up is a part of the process.

First, you need to level up the sync pair of the Pokemon you want to evolve to at least level 30. Once you reach level 30, you’ll unlock a special battle you’ll need to complete for the Pokemon to evolve. You can’t attempt that battle until you fulfill one more requirement, though–acquiring five Evolution Shards, which can currently only be bought in Tricia’s Shop. The first time you buy five Shards, they’ll cost 1,000 coins–Masters’ in-game currency that you can either earn or buy with microtransactions–but that number exponentially grows more expensive so make sure you focus on evolving the Pokemon you want. With the Shards and your sync pair in tow, you’ll be able to attempt the battle. Each of these special fights is unique for each sync pair. The only commonality between each one is that they are extremely difficult, so leveling up beyond the level 30 minimum requirement may be a good idea.


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