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How To Beat Leon Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Beat Champion Leon

How to BEAT CHAMPION LEON in Battle ⺠Pokemon Sword & Shield

It’s no spoiler that Leon is the champion of the Galar Region, with a lot of charisma and prowess as a Pokemon Trainer. You get to know that in the beginning and you are also constantly reminded of it. You’re also constantly reminded about how he keeps getting lost and how his Charizard helps him find his way.

Leon is the final boss of Pokemon Sword and Shield and after you defeat the Gym Leaders again in Wyndon Stadium the final challenge will be against Leon. While he is not all that difficult, you’ll still need a strong team of Pokemon to defeat him and become the Galar region. Remember to avoid training certain Pokemon because some of them are extremely weak compared to the potential team you could be having.

Here are a few tips and pointers along with the details of your battle with Champion Leon in Sword and Shield.

Receive A Rare Type: Null

Type: Null is a rare Normal type Pokémon that you can only obtain post-game. Just go to the Battle Tower in Wyndon and go to the left side of the lobby. Speak to the girl near Type: Null and she will give you one for free. She will also give you some Memories, which are items that Type: Null’s evolution, Silvally, can hold to change its type.

Post Game: Things To Do After You Become Champion

You did, you’re the new champion! That said, there’s still more to explore and our Post Game page of IGNs Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough and wiki guide will continue to provide info on hidden collectible locations and strategies as you navigate to complete everything else.

There are several things you can do as soon as you return from the Title Screen, but the Legendary Quest and Battle Tower are the biggest in terms of content.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield: Champion Cup Elite 4 Guide For Champion Leon Of The Pokemon League

The famous champion Leon will give you a real run for your money in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The Elite 4 in Pokemon Sword and Shield is far from what most trainers expect going into the stadium.

The final battle you will have to endure is, of course, the older brother of your rival Hop and the champion of the Galar Region Leon.

Leon has featured throughout the game as a side character, quite frequently, and the long-awaited battle is finally here.

So what Pokemon does Leon have and how can you beat him? Here are our tips and tricks to becoming the Galar Champion.

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Allister Leader Of The Stow

How To Beat Champion Leon &  Ending

Yamask / Ghost and Ground / Level 34

  • Brutal Swing

Gengar / Ghost and Poison / Level 36

  • Venoshock
  • Hex
  • Payback

Allister, the gym leader of Stow-on-Side in Pokémon Shield, is a user of Ghost-type Pokémon. Ghost Pokémon are weak only to Dark-type and other Ghost-type Pokémon. Since Ghosts are weak to Ghosts, it’s suggested that trainers use Dark-type Pokémon, such as Thieval, Obstagoon, or Shiftry. Shiftry is also a strong Pokémon against Nessa since it is Grass/Dark.

However, players do need to watch out for Allister’s Mimikyu. Dark-type moves are not supereffective against it because it is also half Fairy. Its ability Disguise also allows it to tank the first hit from a Pokémon without taking any damage.

Once defeated, Allister will give players the Ghost Badge, Ghost Uniform, and TM77, which is Hex. Additionally, trainers will be able to catch Pokémon up to level 40.

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Which Pokemon Have The Best Matchups Against Leon’s Team

The full breakdown of Leon’s team is as follows:

  • Aegislash lvl 62
  • Cinderace/Inteleon/Rillaboom lvl 64
  • Charizard lvl 65

As with past rivals, Leon will pick Cinderace, Inteleon, or Rillaboom, depending on which one has an advantage against the player’s starter. Leon also, however, gives users a free KO based on their starter, which is why the fourth Pokemon on his team rotates.

If gamers pick Rillaboom as their starter, Leon will have Cinderace on his team, but he will also have Seismitoad. With a double weakness to Grass, Seismitoad might perish to a Razor Leaf, let alone a Grassy Glide or Wood Hammer.

Therefore, once players account for their starter’s weakness, they’ve already accounted for two members of Leon’s team. When it comes to the other four, there are a couple of types trainers will want to bring, or they can catch one Pokemon that deals with most of Leon’s team as it is.

That Pokemon is Weavile. With the Dark and Ice-type combo, it basically beats Aegislash, Dragapult, and Haxorus. Trainers with Weavile have half of Leon’s team countered already.

If any trainers don’t feel like using Weavile, they might want to look for a Fairy-type or Ice-type for Leon’s pair of Dragons. Trainers need to watch out for their speed stats, though. This is because Haxorus has Poison Jab for Fairies and Iron Tail for Ice-types .

How To Beat Leon In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Hes been hanging around since the very beginning, and now youll finally get to beat his Pokemon up. Leon is the Champion of the Galar region, and one of the final bosses youll have to face before fighting the game.

First off, a couple of his Pokemon picks will change depending on who you picked as your starter.

If you picked Grookey, youll get the following:

  • Cinderace : Weak to Water, Ground, and Rock
  • Seismitoad : Weak to Grass

If you picked Scorbunny, youll get the following:

  • Inteleon : Weak to Electric and Grass
  • Mr Rime : Weak to Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, and Dark

If you picked Sobble, youll get the following:

  • Rillaboom : Weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug
  • Rhyperior : Weak to Water, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Ground, and Steel

Aside from that, the rest of his lineup remains the same:

  • Aegislash : Weak to Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Dark
  • Haxorus : Weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy
  • Dragapult : Weak to Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Dark
  • Charizard : Weak to Rock, Electric, and Water

Charizard will take the most damage from Rock and Water Pokemon, so if you have those, the fight should go by pretty easily.

Other than that, the most important thing is to make sure that your Pokemon are sufficiently leveled. You should be in the high 60s and early 70s range by the time you reach the Champion any lower than that and you could be in a bit of trouble.

Here are a few other guides to help get you started:

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How To Easily Beat Leon In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the best games in the Pokemon franchise. There are lots of difficult battles that require you to use all the strongest Pokemon in your collection. One of the strongest opponents in this game is the current Champion of the Galar region, named Leon. He is a hard Trainer to defeat and his Pokemon are really strong. This guide will tell you how to beat Leon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Time To Go Shiny Hunting

How to Defeat Champion Leon | Pokemon Sword and Shield (Final Boss Fight)

One of the most popular things to do once you’ve completed a Pokémon game is to hunt for Shiny Pokémon. For those who aren’t aware, Shiny Pokémon are rare, alternately-colored versions of Pokémon. Without the Shiny Charm that we mentioned, the odds of finding a Shiny in the wild or breeding one is 1/4096. With the Shiny Charm, your odds become 1/1365.33.

However, you can increase your odds of finding a Shiny Pokémon even more by getting catch combos, and battling a specific Pokémon a lot. For more in-depth detail about how to catch Shiny Pokémon, check out our Shiny catching guide.

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Pokemon Sword After Beating Leon

What to do in pokemon sword after you beat it? What to do in pokemon sword when you beat the game? These are the questions raised by players who complete the championship match of defeating Leon. They wonder where to go after you beat Leon in the pokemon sword. After you beat Leon pokemon sword, or after defeating Leon pokemon sword, you can proceed with the following challenges.

  • Get the master ball

  • The Circhester charms

  • Participate in more max raid battles


Things To Keep In Mind

There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind when you face Leon.

  • The recommended level for your pokemon is 70 because it will help you to win the battle easily. A lower level of Pokemon makes the battle more difficult.
  • Leons Gigantamax Charizard has a lot of health, therefore bring your best Pokemon against it.
  • Use Max Revives and Max Potions, as well as Full Heals as they will really help you in the battle against Leon.
  • You will get 15,600 money as a reward after defeating Leon in the game.

So here is everything in our guide that will tell you how to beat Leon in the game. Follow the steps and be careful with the Pokemon you select.

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What Is A Master Ball

A Master Ball, for those unacquainted with the rare and highly-coveted item, is a specially-engineered Poke Ball designed to capture any Pokemon without fail.

Basically, Master Balls have a 100% chance of catching any wild Pokemon, regardless of how rare or powerful they are. The only exception to the rule is that you still cant catch other trainers Pokemon, because that would be theft.

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So, if you come across Zacian or Zamazenta in Pokemon Sword and Shield, or simply happen to happen upon a shiny Mega Grimmsnarl in a Max Raid, your Master Ball will ensure that you catch the Pokemon in question right away, without any need to weaken and risk accidentally defeat them, or unintentionally let them escape.

Also, its worth noting that you get your first Master Ball in Pokemon Sword and Shield after watching the end credits roll and visiting Professor Magnolia at your home in Postwick. After that, it gets a bit more complicated.

How To Beat Galar Champion Leon

Pokémon Sword &  Shield: 10 Things About Champion Leon You Missed

With the different types of Pokemon that the Champion is using, surely you will be confused about what are the best Pokemon to counter Leon. Interestingly, some of his Pokemon are weak against Fairy and Dark-types which is why Grimmsnarl and Coalossal are the best picks to fight them.

Leon is the hardest Gym Leader that you will be facing, so we recommend to have a Pokemon with level 70 before you fight him.

The biggest problem in this matchup is when Leon uses Dynamax Charizard, making it more powerful. Once he activates Dynamax, you can also use Dynamax to a tough Rock-type Pokemon.

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Pokemon Sword Pokemon Shield: Walkthrough Part 18 From Wyndon To Hammerlocke Leon & Legendaries


Here you are looking for the Legendaries in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Thanks to them, you will be able to defeat the Dark Night and finally face the Master of Galar: Leon.

You automatically arrive at Postwick at the entrance to the Slumbering Weald Sonia will also be there. Before you go into the dark, she’ll give you 3 Max Revive.

Should You Choose Spectrier Or Glastrier

Ultimately, when youre choosing a spot to plant those seeds, youre deciding if you want the fabled steed to be Spectrier or Glastrier. These similar legendary horse-like Pokémon are both available whether youve got Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield, but you only get one of them.

If you choose to plant your Carrot Seeds in the icy field on Snowslide Slope, youll be choosing Glastrier, a pure Ice Type Pokémon. If you choose to plant your Carrot Seeds in the field at the Old Cemetery, youll be choosing Spectrier, a pure Ghost Type Pokémon.

Glastrier, because it is Ice Type, has significantly more type weaknesses than Spectrier, and doesnt have the two type immunities Ghost Type Pokémon benefit from.

When it comes to their stats, Glastrier has a significant edge in Defense and Special Defense. Glastrier also has a high Attack stat, whereas Spectriers highest stat is Special Attack. Spectrier also trades lower Defense and Special Defense for far superior Speed.

Both can fuse with Calyrex after youve caught it. The fusion with Glastrier creates Ice Rider Calyrex, which has superior Attack and learns the powerful Ice Type move Glacial Lance.

The fusion with Spectrier creates Shadow Rider Calyrex, which has superior Special Attack and learns the powerful Ghost Type move Astral Barrage. Both are extremely powerful Pokémon, and as such neither is a bad choice.

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Extra Preparation For Shadow Rider Calyrex

If youre going to be taking on Shadow Rider Calyrex, theres an extra step that will help make the battle much more manageable. The method using a Gallade has one flaw, and thats False Swipe being a Normal Type move.

This means that False Swipe will have no effect on Shadow Rider Calyrex, as it is Ghost and Psychic Type. This can make lowering its health without fainting it very frustrating, especially as Shadow Rider Calyrex is likely to knock most of your Pokémon out with ease.

There is a way around this type issue, though. You want a Pokémon in your team that knows the Water Type move Soak.

When you hit an opponent with Soak, it changes them into a pure Water Type Pokémon. This type change allows you to use False Swipe, even on Shadow Rider Calyrex.

The following Pokémon can learn the move Soak in Sword and Shield: Psyduck, Golduck, Goldeen, Seaking, Remoraid, Octillery, Pelipper, Wailord, Basculin, Wishiwashi, Dewpider, Araquanid, Pyukumuku, Tapu Fini, Sobble, Drizzle, and Inteleon.

The levels at which theyll learn Soak will vary, but youll want whichever Pokémon you choose to be Level 80 or higher to contend with Shadow Rider Calyrex. You can use the man on the left side of any Pokémon Center to help a Pokémon remember the move Soak if it has forgotten it.

Where Can I Get A Master Ball

How to beat champion leon in pokemon shield

There is only one Master Ball in Pokemon: Lets Go. Due to its 100% capture rate, theres only one Master Ball available in the game. To get the Master Ball, youll need to progress through the story until you find yourself needing to take down Team Rocket in the Silph Co. building located in Saffron City.

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Recommended Pokemon To Bring

Whiscash Lv. 30: Evolves From Barboach

Grimmsnarl’s Fairy typing allows him to effectively deal with Haxorus, Dragapult, & even Aegislash. Coalossal can also match up against Aegislash & take Charizard’s attacks while dealing massive STAB 4x Rock damage back at it. Whiscash is a useful alternative if you chose Grookey for dealing with Cinderace.

Bea Leader Of The Stow

Hitmontop / Fighting / Level 34

Machamp / Fighting / Level 36

  • Scary Face
  • Knock Off
  • Strength

The first Pokémon Sword Exclusive gym leader for Stow-on-Side is Bea, the Fighting-type specialist. Her Pokémon will pack powerful punches, and if trainers are not prepared they can be blindsided fairly easily. Fighting-type Pokémon are weak to Psychic, Flying, and Fairy Pokémon, and Fighting-type moves cannot hit Ghost-types. However, several of Bea’s Pokémon carry Dark-type moves that are stronger against Psychic and Ghost-types.

It’s recommended that trainers take Flying or Fairy-type Pokémon. Pokémon such as Corviknight and Rufflet are great options for Flying Pokémon. Inteleon, the final evolution of Sobble, can learn a couple of Flying-type moves as well. If players want to use a Fairy-type, Gardevoir, the final evolution of Ralts, can be a good option even though its half Psychic-type makes Bea’s Dark moves deal neutral damage.

Another strong Pokémon trainers can use is Ribombee, the evolution of Cutiefly. Ribombee’s unique Bug/Fairy typing makes Fighting-type moves do one-fourth of their normal damage and Dark moves still do half.

When Bea is defeated she gives the player the Fighting Badge, Fighting Uniform, and TM42, Revenge. Players will also be able to catch Pokémon up to level 40.

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Is Zacian A Boy Or Girl

Even though Zacian is genderless, in Great Britain, she is portrayed as female because of the myth of the Lady of the Lake, who first entrusted Excalibur to the legendary king. The familial ties of Zacian and Zamazenta are likely inspired by Morgan le Fay, who was widely believed to have been King Arthurs sister.

How to tame a horse Minecraft

Who Made Minecraft?

Leon Summary Of Appearances In Pokmon Versions And Media

Pokemon Images: Leon Pokemon Sword And Shield Charizard Pose

Leon is an important character in the games because he helps the player throughout the adventure. In fact, The first-ever battle we can see is Leon vs. Raihan. Leon gives the player his starter and also teaches the player how to catch a wild Pokémon.

After the player defeats Hop , Leon endorses a card to authorize both player and Hop to participate in the Gym Challenge. From this moment, the player now has the motivation to defeat Leon.

In the end, Leon helps the player stop Eternatus, which was released by Chairman Rose to solve the energy crisis.

In the anime, Leon appears in two different series: Pokémon Journeys: The Series and Pokémon: Twilight Wings.

In Pokémon Journeys , Leon debuted in Flash of the Titans! where he has a battle against Lance, the Johto champion, in the finals of the World Coronation Series. Leons Charizard defeated Lances Gyarados and won the tournament.

Leon meets Ash in The Climb to be the Very Best!. Ashs Pikachu was battling against a Gigantamax Drednaw when Ash made Pikachu Gigantamax without a Dynamax Band. Ashs battle impressed Leon so much that he decided to meet Ash and Goh . Ash asked Leon for a match while Leon taught Ash how to use Gigantamax properly. Leon defeated Ash in this battle, but he promised Ash: They will battle when Ash gets strong enough.

In this series, we only see two of Leons Pokémon: Charizard and Dragapult.

In this miniseries, we can see that he has Charizard, Aegislash, and Dragapult in his party.

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