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All Pokemon Cards Worth

Pokemon Japanese Summer Battle Road Mew Victory Orb Trainer Card

I Sold All of My Pokemon Cards For…

Sold in December, 2020 for $60,000

The Battle Road Summer 2005 tournament spanned across nine different Japanese cities between July 10 and August 14, 2005.

As a prize, the top three competitors from each age division of the regional tournaments received one of these Victory Orb cards that feature Mew and the artwork of Takumi Akabane.

Previous Victory Orb cards from the Battle Road Summer tournaments in 2003 and 2004 did not feature Mew so many hobbyists believe this one to be an aesthetic upgrade.

The Japanese text below the artwork translates to:

“Victory Orb can only be used by official tournament winners. Look at the top 7 cards of your deck, then return them to the top of your deck in any order.”

Signed Tsunekazu Ishihara Gx Promo Card

This appropriately overpowered card was created to celebrate Pokémon creator Tsunekazu Ishiharas 60th birthday back in 2017. The cards were given out to Pokémon employees by Ishihara himself, and there are estimated to be only 30-60 in existence.

Because Pokémon employees are forbidden from selling this card, serious collectors are frothing to get their hands on one. In fact, one of these cards signed by Ishihara sold at auction for an astounding $247,230 in 2021 despite only being in near-mint condition .

Cue angelic choir in 321

The Set The Card Came From

What makes one Pikachu more valuable than the next? The set that the Pikachu was printed in. Though there are high-value cards in the latest sets, it’s no surprise that the most expensive cards come from earlier eras in the game’s history.

The First Edition Base Set often sells for the highest prices, with rare cards like shadowless Charizards, Blastoises, and Venusaurs. Other valuable sets include Pop Series 5, Neo Destiny, and Dragon Frontiers.

Each card has a set symbol located on the bottom right, except for the First Edition Base Set, which doesn’t have a symbol.

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Daisuki Club 8600 Pts Master Scroll Holographic

Like many of the most rare and expensive Pokémon cards on this list, this is a promo card. It was released in 2010 as part of the L-P Promotional Cards, which tied in with the Pokemon Card Game Legend era. It was an exclusive edition given to members of the Daisuki Club who accrued 8,600 points by completing specific tasks. While its unknown how many were initially handed out, there is currently only a total population of 58, with only 26 of those the much-lauded PSA 10. The striking design also has unique features that add to the appeal, including a diamond-like appearance along the border.

Grade: PSA 10 Gem Mint

First Edition Holographic Raichu

The 25 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards of All Time // ONE37pm

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $2,500

Raichu, the rodent-like evolved form of Pikachu, is an electric-type Pokémon that uses its tail to gather electricity from both the ground and atmosphere.

As it charges, the creature stores the electricity in those circular, yellow sacs on its cheeks and once fully charged, Raichus ears will point directly upwards.

Raichu also uses its pointed tail as a ground to prevent itself from being electrically shocked.

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Mewtwo Holo 1st Edition $1841

Image credit: Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

Mewtwo is by far the most underrated hologram in the set. The most powerful original Pokemon, Mewtwo is also the smartest. Evolved from the Ancient Mew, Mewtwo was engineered in a lab. Mewtwo is currently the 4th most Valuable card in the set, which is a no brainer considering abilities and being the 1st major Poke-villain in the Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back.

PSA Pop: 990 – 81 – 476

Current Pokemon Card Value: PSA 10$13,100 PSA 9 $2226

Pokmon Japanese Base Set No Rarity Symbol Holo Venusaur

A very rare Pokémon card made ever more valuable by its artists autograph

Sold for $55,000 in November 2021

Image: PWCC

Many of the rarest Pokémon cards date from the trading card games early days, with first edition cards released in the 1990s ranking as among the most valuable Pokémon cards today.

While the first edition stamp on cards is highly sought-after in the English edition of the Pokémon card game, the rarest Japanese Pokémon cards are instead identified by their lack of a stamp. Specifically, a missing black star in the bottom-right of a Japanese-language card is whats known as No Rarity – meaning that the card is missing the common symbol used to signify a Pokémon cards rarity.

No Rarity Pokémon cards are among the rarest Pokémon cards in existence, and few come rarer than the Venusaur Pokémon card from the games first print run in 1996. Just five copies of the Bulbasaur evolution – famous for appearing on the original video game Pokémon Green – have been graded at a perfect Gem-Mint 10 by PSA, making a flawless copy of the card extremely rare.

While a No Rarity Venusaur card commands a high price by itself, a copy sold in November 2021 set a new record for the rare Pokémon card by fetching $55,000 at auction. Helping the record sum was the signature of the cards illustrator Mitsuhiro Arita – the legendary artist behind many Pokémon cards from the last 20-plus years – on the cards case, making the already rare Pokémon card truly one-of-a-kind.

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Pokemon Japanese Neo Summer Battle Number 2 Trainer

Sold in November, 2020 for $20,105

Just a bit ago, we had a look at the number 3 trainer card from the 2001 Neo Summer Battle Road Tournament.

And now we are looking at the card that contestants would receive for finishing in second place in that tournament.

The card has pretty much the same look and feel as the third-place card, but Chancey and Doduo have joined Pikachu and Growlithe in posing with Ash Ketchum, as he holds a silver medal.

Even in a PSA 7 holder, this card will sell for thousands of dollars to give you an idea of just how coveted these trophy cards are.

Pok Tcg Scanner Dragon Shield App Description & Overview

Pawn Stars: HYPER RARE ERROR Makes Pokemon Card Extra Valuable (Season 20)

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Pokemon Spanish First Edition Charizard

Sold in October, 2020 for $35,100

To help promote the Pokemon Trading Card Game throughout the world, Wizards of the Coast printed the base set in several different languages.

The Spanish version offered native Spanish speakers throughout Europe and Latin America a much more enjoyable way to play their favorite card game.

You can see the Spanish translation throughout this card, but the Spanish version does leave the name “Charizard” as-is.

Other versions, such as the French and German, presented the Charizard character with a unique name altogether.

To verify the card is indeed a First Edition, look to the lower-left of the character box and you will find the “Edicion 1” symbol.

Just seven examples of this card have achieved a PSA 10 grade, making it one of the toughest multi-language First Edition Charizards to find in that condition.

Is Your Pokmon Card A Misprint

It may sound counterintuitive that an error would make something more valuable, but then, it also makes something more unique and therefore rarer.

Keep in mind mention that a misprinting of a card, doesnt automatically make your card worth more money. As mentioned before, a misprint of a card will generally result in a lower score from a professional card grading service.

However, there is a market for misprints, and certain well-known misprints, in particular, can drive up the price of a Pokémon card and sell for a decent amount of money.

One such printing error is the much desired first edition base set Red-cheeked Pikachu, which is currently worth more than $10,000 USD provided that it is in Gem Mint condition.

Even lower graded version of this card can be seen to be sold for several hundreds of dollars.

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Pokemon First Edition Blastoise

Sold in November, 2020 for $45,100

One of the coolest-looking of all Pokémon with its twin water cannons that retract from the shell on its back, Blastoise received a massive boost in popularity after serving as the cover mascot of the Pokémon Blue video game.

1st Edition Blastoise cards feature a first edition stamp to the lower left of the holographic image and no shadowing effect behind its right and bottom borders.

Out of the 2,070 first edition Blatoise cards submitted to PSA as of this writing, 100 of them have been given the PSA 10 distinction or roughly 4.8% of them.

Japanese Summer Battle Road Mew Victory Orb Trophy

100 Pokemon Cards Plus 20 Energy

Only the top three players from each age range in the 2005 Japanese Summer Battle Road tournament received this trophy promo card. As such, its one of the most rare and expensive Pokémon cards. The artwork by Takumi Akabane on this design is particularly unique, which provides even more appeal. It shows Mew plus and the energy symbols on a stunning holographic background. There are only 16 PSA 10s to exist, and the 2020 sale for $60,000 was well protected in a display case.

Grade: PSA 10 Gem Mint

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Special Cards To Keep An Eye Out For

Aside from the various rares mentioned above, there are a few unique traits worth looking out for that can mean a Pokemon card has high value. These are often printing errors or limited distribution that led to a card becoming extremely precious to collectors. Sometimes these cards look no different than others of the same kind at first glance and require special attention to identify, so look carefully!

Pokmon Game 1st Edition #2 Blastoise Holo

Like Charizard and Venusaur, Blastoise is an exceptionally popular first-edition Pokémon that pulls on the nostalgic heartstrings. Collectors like to catch all of the big 3 to display them as a set. This rare and expensive 1999 holographic Pokémon card boasts a PSA 10 Gem Mint condition and sold on eBay for $80,000 in November 2020. However, it sold again just over a month later for the much lower price of $31,975. The 1st Edition Shadowless format also sells for tens of thousands of dollars, further proving the popularity and allure of this water Pokémon.

Grade: PSA 10 Gem Mint

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Holographic Masters Scroll Card

The Pokémon Daisuki Club is Japans official Pokémon fan club which awards points to members for competing in tournaments and participating in the community . Players can turn in these points to obtain exclusive cards that arent available anywhere else.

In 2010, the Pokémon Daisuki Club offered this exclusive Masters Scroll card to players for 8,600 points. The exact number of copies of this card is unknown, but we do know that only 26 have earned a PSA 10 grade.

Since 2020 this card has consistently sold at auction for over $24,000, with the highest sale to date at $35,200.

A Pokemon tournament in Hawaii feels so 90s!

Pokemon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard

I found all my old Pokemon cards ($1000 )

Sold in January, 2021 for $20,250

The fourth main expansion of the Neo Series, Neo Destiny, is notable for featuring both “light” and “dark” Pokémon whose characteristics and “destiny” are reflective of how a Trainer trains them.

Light Pokémon are caring and bright-spirited, while dark Pokémon are the exact opposite.

Dark Pokémon have appeared in several different series, but the Neo Destiny set is the only one in which you will find the light Pokémon.

Charizard appears as neither light nor dark in Neo Destiny but instead as a special Shining Charizard that gets its name from the unique foil design that glimmers and shines in the light.

The Shining Pokémon in this series also feature a unique rarity symbol in the lower right in the form of three stars.

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Japanese Promo Master’s Scroll Daisuki Club 8600 Points

Sold in March 2021, for $35,200

This holographic Master’s Scroll card is one of several item cards that were part of the L-P Promotional cards released between September 2009 and August 2010.

Once a player accumulated 8,600 action points, he or she would earn the Master Rank distinction and a prize in the form of this Master’s Scroll card.

Given the difficulty of acquiring such a massive amount of action points, not many members ever received one of these cards, making it one of the rarest promotional Pokemon cards in the hobby.

Ex Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Charizard

Despite being printed in 2006, a Gold Star Charizard managed to bring in an incredible $60,066 at auction not too long ago. The Delta Species card was sold through eBay in October 2020 and attracted interest from a number of interested parties before the final sale price was finally confirmed.

According to the PSA website, there are just shy of 1,500 graded copies of the card in existence, although only 59 of those have been awarded the coveted GEM-MT 10 rating. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the record-setting sale was of one of these 59 cards. Others regularly sell for between twenty and thirty thousand dollars.

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Recently Updated Pokemon Card Values

The following is a list of all Pokémon cards that have recently had their price values updated. Clicking on a specific Pokémon card image will take you to that card’s listing. Selecting the card’s name will bring you to the individual Pokemon listing pages which are further broken down by TCG set.

Card Image

Pokemon Japanese Topsun Holofoil Blastoise

Full Legendary V (ALL 9) Custom Pokemon Card Set  ZabaTV

Sold in October, 2020 for $20,100

The 1995 Japanese Topsun cards are some of the most interesting early Pokemon cards and were distributed in packs of apple-flavored gum by Top-Seika.

Collectors could find these cards in one of three versions: blue-back, green-back, and prism holofoil.

While 150 different characters appeared on the blue-back and green-back cards, only 16 received a prism holofoil version.

Though these Topsun cards contain a trademark date of 1995, most collectors agree that the company did not distribute them until 1997.

And that makes sense because even the official Pokemon Trading Card Game didn’t debut in Japan until 1996.

The Blastoise prism holo is one of the most desirable Topsun cards and features the same imagery used for the cover art of the Pokemon Blue videogame released on the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan in 1996.

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Most Expensive Pokmon Cards In Review

Clearly, the non-sports card collecting world is every bit as hot as the sports card hobby.

Passionate collectors are obviously willing to shell out big bucks to land any one of the prized possessions on this list.

The video games, television shows, and the cards themselves transformed Pokémon into a worldwide phenomenon with an enormous fan base.

And many of those kids who grew up with these cards are now adults with more spending power able to pay big bucks for them in top condition.

It doesn’t look like that trend will slow anytime soon as these cards have found their place as one of the most popular non-sports sets in the hobby.

The Recent Surge In The Value Of Pokmon Cards

There has been a recent surge in the value of Pokémon cards, particularly Shadowless Charizard from Gem Mint 10 condition, which has become one of the most valuable cards ever. This card was auctioned off in January 2021 for 300,000 dollars, setting a new record for the highest sale price. A PSA 10 Charizard set a new record for the most money ever spent on a public service announcement when it was auctioned off for $420,000 in 2011. Its worth noting that the value of the card hasnt risen as much as it used to over the years, but a mint condition first-edition Charizard from the 1980s could fetch between $1000 and $2000.

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Are Your Pokmon Cards Holo

Holographic cards do not only look more special than regular cards, they are also usually worth more money!

The number of cards that come out of a set holographic are far fewer in supply, and what looked special to you as a child due to its simple shiny surface, now potentially has a lot of value.

You only have to look at cards like the infamous holographic Charizard.

Often a lot of attention gets drawn to this rare card and sometimes it acts as the poster child for Pokémon cards in general.

This is especially true when you see celebrities threw out wild amounts of money for it.

Example: Rapper Logic spent $183,000 USD on a mint condition first-edition shadowless holographic Charizard.That may sound like a lot of money, but a Gem Mint1st Edition Charizard has now sold for twice that amount!

The one risk that comes with holographic Pokémon cards is they may suffer from some curling.

Curling is when the side of the Pokémon card doesnt lay flat when placed on a surface. Something to do with the manufacturing process of holographic cards makes it more likely that curling will occur compared to normal cards.

This can impact the monetary value of your card, so it is a good idea to keep your holographic cards in sleeves that can help to keep your cards straight and stop them from curling.


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