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Pokemon Gotcha Evolve Watch

Faults Or Problems Later

Gotcha Evolve Auto-catcher Review in Pokemon Go!

If your product was fine when you received it but later on it develops a problem, you can also contact Kogan or the Seller by following the above steps.

For products sold by Kogan, we will get back to you within 48 hours and solve the problem in accordance with the Kogan Customer Charter.

For products sold by a Marketplace Seller, if the Seller hasnt provided a satisfactory resolution within 3 days, please lodge a dispute resolution request here, and will take care of it from there applying the standards in the Kogan Customer Charter.

App Works 100% Fine Stop Complaining

Ive been using this PoGo Watch for over 3 months and I never experienced any problems with it. Not sure why everyone is complaining in the reviews. Its very simple to operate! This watch wouldnt sell for $50 if it didnt work correctly, now come on. OBVIOUSLY when your phone is idling for more than 5 minutes of not playing Go, your watch will disconnect from the game so it can save battery. All you gotta do is reconnect it to Go and its as simple as that. I feel like these complainers and trolls are the people who cant figure out how to use a smart phone or operate their Bluetooth correctly. Its so simple, read the digital instructions people… it comes with the watch, dont leave slandering reviews on a great watch that actually works. Not the companies fault you cant figure out how to function a smart phone or other Bluetooth devices to its full extent.

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Took a little longer to get to me due to covid but worth the wait!


Came within the timeframe stated, my first order had great packaging and even some freebies and things added. This package just came wrapped in cardboard in the envelope/packaging.The actual gotcha is great, i ordered it for my friend as a gift and they were stoked to get one. I don’t know if it’s a product glitch, but it’s counting steps x 10, no complaints about that.It connected easily to his iphone and they both connected well and easy after downloading the app.Does the job and does it well – we both have to reconnect to our phones after 20-30mins of play, which is kind of annoying, but we just deal with it.Happy with the purchase, but purely based on not having experienced the other kinds/earlier models and versions.

Lee Sing

My Gotcha arrived in early September and worked well for about 3+ weeks, then I was unable to charge it. I tried multiple charging ports and changed directions but all attempts were unsuccessful. I tried to communicate via LIVE CHAT but it does not appear to work for me in Australia. Unfortunately, I could not make international call to the UK contact number provided. I I have sent message and really hoping that someone or the Customer Service will contact me to resolve this issue.

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