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Pay Attention To Fees

How To Sell Pokemon Cards in 2021! (Selling Tips)

Nothing crushes your potential selling profits faster than fees. Its why a number of experienced sellers avoid some of the bigger platforms in favor of niche selling on Facebook once theyve learned the ropes and built a database of fellow collectors over the years. As a beginner seller, or someone who just wants to quickly offload a collection, eBay or Mercari may be your best bet, but it still doesnt hurt to be cautionary about listing upsells.

Bold font. Second category listing. Subtitles. Disproportional promotion campaigns . Theyre all upsells some of the larger companies will offer to pad their bottom line. In some select circumstances, it may be beneficial to use them, but by and large, youre better off passing on all of it and focusing on a great listing with superb photos and a clean, keyword-rich card description.

Best Places To Sell Bulk Pokemon Cards For Cash

posted on August 17, 2022This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Over the past few years, Pokemon card selling has been all the rage. Celebrities and collectors alike have flipped some incredibly expensive cards online, like Shiny Charizards worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I already have a guide on the best places to sell Pokemon cards on This Online World to help people get started with this flipping craze.

However, that guide focuses a lot on selling individual and rare cards for money, not bulk cards. But in reality, bulk, common cards are what most people have.

So today, Im covering some of the best places to sell bulk Pokemon cards for cash.

If youre ready to turn that old box of cards in your basement into quick cash, this is the post for you.

Cheapest Places To Buy Pokemon Booster Boxes

Pokemon booster boxes are highly sought after and vary greatly in price. They are a great addition to your Pokemon collection and include a mix of 10 random cards including a rare or higher rarity card.

There are also specially marked booster boxes that contain a virtual booster, which can be redeemed online at the Pokemon TCG Online Shop.

Below are some of the cheapest places to buy Booster boxes and packs, as well as detailed information on third-party retails and private sellers.

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Variables That Can Affect A Cards Value

1. The Grading Company

PSA is the king of Pokémon card grading with BGS a close 2nd. Both companies command top $ for their graded cards and have proven that grades do matter in the Pokémon realm, with a BGS 9.5 1st Edition Charizard selling for nearly $73,000.00 in July of 2021.

2. Supply of the card

Pokémon cards have low populations compared to sports cards. The number of graded cards can be the biggest indicator of value, but some cards, such as Pikachu or Charizard, have insane demand regardless of populations. Supply is outmatched by current demand, and after two decades since these cards were produced, that wont change. Check the PSA 1999 Pokémon Game Population report to get more info on how limited the Base set cards are.

3. Buying Raw vs. Graded

Thanks to modern technology, getting clear photos of cards is easier than ever. That said, until you hold a card, you dont know how clean it really is. Graded cards are the safest indicator that youre getting what you want. When buying graded cards, think of the price paid for the grading and that there is no wait time besides shipping. There is much less risk buying graded cards, but raw can be the best bet to make profits faster. You never know what you can find in a binder someone is selling, but be careful and do your best to inspect those cards.

4. Surface, corners, edges, creases & centering

5. Your negotiation tactics

6. Nostalgic elements

Where To Sell Bulk Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards for Sale in Houston, TX

Ive sold my old Pokemon cards in bulk before to make quick money. And after doing some research, theres actually plenty of other places to sell bulk Pokemon cards that dont require much effort.

Just note that most cards arent worth very much, so youre going to need a large collection to make serious cash.

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The Latest Pokemon Tcg Cards To Buy The Best Pokemon Expansion Set Offers

Here below, we report the latest Pokemon Cards set released. We also provide the links of where you can buy them on Amazon at best price. In general, as we discussed in another post it is more convenient to buy a sealed booster box than a single booster packs. You can find the best offers for the Pokemon expansion set here.

  • Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars 36 Count Booster Box, save 30%, see the offer here.

  • Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Booster Box, save up 51% at this link.

  • Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Premium Figure Collection Pikachu VMAX, save up 21% at this link.
  • Pokemon Sword & ShieldEvolving Skies , save up 17% at this link.

  • Sword & ShieldChilling Reign , you can save 14% money at this link for 36 booster packs
  • FREE WEBINAR to generate passive income , perfect also for students, check it at this link.

Post By Gottaketchumall On Oct : : 47 Gmt

smpratte said:Considering the amount you are looking to buy, a distributor is not a viable option. As mentioned already, the profit margins are almost nothing, especially with ebay fees. Most distributors require a resale license. You would have to register as a business, pay federal income tax, state tax, and usually sales tax as well. The best route is buying from someone who offers solid prices for sealed product. Some prices for boxes are only about $10-15 above cost. Considering your intended volume, it isnt worth the time, hassle and work just to save about $10.Yea so it sounds like I should just what I planned on doing anyway lol. Just buying the cheapest booster box on eBay. I was thinking breakthrough since there are a good amount of valuable singles that are good in the TCG right now.

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Help Is My Charizard Fake

Good news, Ill start by saying there is a good chance your Charizard is real. If its fake, aka a proxy card, its worth $0. Weve handled literally millions of Pokemon cards during our time collecting. If theres one thing were good at, its spotting a fake Pokemon card.

We have seen nearly every single fake counterfeit Charizard 1st edition card under the sun.

Seeing images over a computer screen can sometimes be difficult when determining authenticity. Thats why when we get offered a Pokemon collection we cant offer our best price until we see the cards in hand.

While it may be second nature for us to spot them out, we wanted to take some time and put together this guide to help you spot fake Pokemon cards and better educate yourself.

If your Charizard is any/all of the following, your bill is fake:

  • It feels like printer paper
  • Its smaller than Pokemon today
  • Its much bigger than Pokemon today
  • It does not have a holographic layer
  • It looks blurry
  • It doesnt feel like a Pokemon card

There are many other factors that go into finding out if a Charizard card is fake or real. These are the quick indicators that are easiest to spot when first learning.

First edition Charizard cards are typically the most highly counterfeited Pokemon cards in the world. This comes as no surprise when it is one of the most sought-after Pokemon cards in the game.

Pokemon Card Price Checker: Examples

How To Sell Pokemon Cards on eBay! *2022 Beginner’s Guide*

Two examples of Pokemon price checkers/calculators are reported below.

  • very wide calculator for price estimation for variours TCG games
  • this calculator also give you the Pokemon cards which are rising and falling in price.
  • simply insert che Pokemon card number and find out if your card is worth anything

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What Makes A Pokmon Card Valuable

There are a few factors that can make a Pokémon card valuable. One factor is the condition of the card. A mint condition card will be worth more than a damaged or well-worn card. Another factor is the rarity of the card. A rare card will typically be worth more than a common card. Finally, some cards may be valuable due to their sentimental value.

What Is A Pokemon Card

The Pokémon Trading Card Game , Pokemon Kdo Gmu, Pokémon Card Game is a collectible card game based on the Pokémon property.

It is abbreviated as PTCG or Pokémon TCG. It was first published in Japan by Media Factory in October 1996. Wizards of the Coast published it in the United States at first.

Although, Nintendo later gained the license to The Pokémon Company, which has been publishing the game since June 2003.

However, the game has sold approximately 34.1 billion cards worldwide as of March 2021.

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What Are The Rarity Symbols On Pokmon Cards

Before we start discussing which stores sell Pokémon cards, you need to understand how to evaluate the cards. And there are four types of cards that are mostly in demand among collectors around the globe.

  • First-Edition Cards: These were first printed in 1999 as the base set with the Edition 1 logo at the bottom-left corner of the Pokémon illustration.
  • Holographic Cards: These cards have a shimmery and reflective top and a base layer that create a holographic effect.
  • Reflective Cards: These are also called inverse holographic cards as they reproduce a shining effect.
  • Full-Art Cards: Especially loved by the art connoisseurs, these cards have a complete extended illustration throughout the front panel.

Besides these variants and editions, there are three symbols that you can find in every official Pokémon card that also denotes its rarity.

  • Circles: This sign is there in all the inexpensive and ordinary cards.
  • Diamonds: Although they are not extremely rare, these cards are quite valuable.
  • Stars: This particular mark comes in all the most valuable, rarest, and most expensive ones.

Special Note: If you have an entire deck and the card count is higher than the usual number, you have a secret card in that pack. And trust me, those secret cards are the actual collectibles that fetch unbelievable prices.

Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed

Best Place To Sell Pokemon Cards In Bulk / 10 Places to Sell Pokémon ...

Like in any selling industry, there are several ways in which, as a seller, you may find yourself SOL. Heres how to make sure it doesnt happen to you.

At the end of the day, common sense really does go a long way. If something seems off, or there are more red flags than you could possibly shake a stick at, move on. Its not worth getting burned just to chase a few more dollars.

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Best Place To Buy Pokemon Cards And Other Trading Cards Online

Theres also the option of purchasing trading cards on a website such as eBay.

However, you must exercise caution in this area because fakes are even more common.

Instead, buy your cards from one of the sites listed below, and youll know youre getting a pristine card from a reliable vendor.

1. Card Cavern Trading Cards

Card Cavern sells Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Weiss Schwarz cards, among other things.

You can check through both sealed and single cards for each card game.

However, you may also find Pokemon Trading Card Game Online codes to use in the game for Pokemon cards.

You can also browse the On Sale section of the website for a variety of reduced items. Although there isnt as much choice as on other sites, the rates on this site are often fairly good.

2. Troll and Toad

Another site with numerous cards to choose from is Troll and Toad. The most popular card games on this site are Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon.

However, you may also find Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Super, and even sports cards.

They have various sports cards, including MLB baseball cards, NFL football cards, and NBA basketball cards, if youre seeking them.

Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck are among the companies that produce them.

Single cards, sealed cards, and equipment to protect and display your cards are all available.

If you wish to buy numerous cards at once, you can locate them in lots and bundles.

3. Cool Stuff Inc

Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards For Cash

posted on July 20, 2022This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Chances are, if you grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s or had a kid around the time, youve owned Pokemon cards at one time or another.

With over 800 different Pokemon species and millions of fans around the world, theres no doubt that Pokemon is one of the defining shows and card games of multiple generations.

Plus, with thousands of cards and a variety of different sets and expansions, the world of Pokemon trading cards has a pretty insane amount of depth to itand a ton of monetary value.

Some Pokemon cards are worth nothing, some are rare, and some are extremely valuable.

In fact, if you can get your hands on cards like a first edition, perfectly rated Charizard, you might be looking at over $300,000 in value with just that single card!

The point is, the world of trading Pokemon cards is insanely valuable, and many collectors view Pokemon cards as both a piece of history and lucrative investment opportunity.

So, if you have any cards saved up from when you were younger or if you still collect, you could potentially be sitting on hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Of course, theres a lot you should know in order to avoid undervaluing your Pokemon cards.

Where do you sell them? How do you price them? And what else can I take advantage of?

Stick around until the end to find the answers to all those questions including the best place to sell Pokemon cards!

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Are There Any In

Local card stores or gaming stores may be interested in purchasing your Pokémon cards. You can also try selling your cards at pawn shops, flea markets, or garage sales in addition to online marketplaces like eBay.

Most pawnshops do buy Pokémon cards, but we dont recommend them as the place to sell Pokémon cards. Chances are you will get a better price if you sell online instead.

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How To Tell If Pokmon Cards Are Fake

Consider THIS When Buying & Selling Pokemon Cards

Because of Pokémon TCG’s recent explosion in value, the market has been flooded with scammers trying to make a profit. During the release of 2021’s Shining Fates set, the expansion couldn’t be found for half a year due to TCG Pokémon card scalpers. Another major problem that collectors have been facing is the influx of fake Pokémon cards. The easiest way to avoid fraudulent TCG products is to only purchase items directly from official retailers.

Players looking to buy TCG cards online, however, will have to be extra cautious with the collectibles they buy. While fake Pokémon cards have existed since the series launched in the 90s, scammers have gotten incredibly good at creating fraudulent cards that look real. Here are some of the easiest ways to spot fake Pokémon cards.

Although the most valuable Pokémon card collectibles are from retro sets, many modern Pokémon Sword and Shield TCG sets have also had cards selling for a lot of money. Collectors should keep an eye out for Trainer Gallery and Alternate Art cards, as they have been extremely popular with players and fans. And as usual, popular Pokémon such as Charizard has continued to fetch big prices at auctions. With Gen 9 Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releasing in November 2022, the Pokémon Trading Card Game will continue to have collectibles that players can sell for a lot.

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Check For These Three Symbols

Check to see if your card has one of the following symbols:

  • Circle symbol: Common
  • Diamond symbol: Uncommon
  • Star symbol: Rare

The rarity symbol can be found at the bottom of the card, next to the set symbol and card number.

Some cards have no rarity symbol. These are usually from a Promo set, as indicated by the set symbol.

Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards Near Me

While selling your collection online will likely net you the most money, selling your Pokemon cards in person offers the shortest route between you and a paycheck. There may be bit of face-to-face negotiation involved, so a little bit of homework ahead of time can help you set a walkaway point before talks ever start.

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Our Range And Service Is Second To None

Our vast and extensive range provides retailers with a one-stop-shop for all the key products in the gaming category. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced account managers can help store owners and buyers get up to speed with current consumer trends. Our B2B website is an excellent resource for managing orders and our warehouse facilities are world class so you can rest assured your orders will arrive efficiently and as expected. Dont have an account? and discover the VR difference.

Will Pokmon Cards Go Up In Value

Who buys Pokemon cards? for Sale in Lake Worth, FL

The value of Pokémon cards increases for a number of reasons. The most common reason is that cards become rarer as time goes on and more people get into the hobby of collecting them. The longer a card has been out of print, the more it will increase in value over time.

Another reason why cards may go up in value is if the character on the card becomes more popular. For example, if a new Pokémon game comes out and features a certain character prominently, that card will likely become more valuable to collectors.

Other unforeseen events can also lead to an increase in value, so you never know when a card you have might become worth a lot more money. Take good care of your cards and keep an eye on the market to see how much theyre selling for. You may just have a goldmine on your hands if you have the right card at the right time.

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