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Sell My Bulk Pokemon Cards

Tips For Selling Pokemon Cards

How To Make Money Selling Your Bulk Common Pokemon Cards – STEP BY STEP
  • Organize Your Card

Make sure to organize your Pokemon collection. Keeping your cards organized will help make things easier when it comes time to sell your collection. This will also help keep everything together once you are ready to sell.

  • Find out the value of the Pokemon cards

Make sure to research to find out the value of your Pokemon cards. To find out more information on how to tell the value of your Pokemon cards, check out the video by Pokemon expert by

  • Make sure they are in good condition

One of the most important factors in selling Pokemon cards is making sure they are in good condition. So take some time and look through your cards to see what type of condition they are in.

The selling price of the card depends on the quality and condition of the card. If you believe you have any cards worth more than $1000, you can get the cards graded on the Professional Sports Authenticator website. This site grades all types of trading cards, including non-sport cards such as Pokemon cards.

How Can I Sell My Pokmon Cards

There are two ways to sell Pokémon cards online and offline. If you want to sell it online, there are several platforms like eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and even Instagram Store where you can list it.

And if you want it offline, you can sell those in pawn shops and flea markets. Besides, you can also arrange your own private auction or organize a yard sale.

Sell Pokemon Tcg Online Code And Pokemon Tcg Live Codes

Page Sections

We buy Pokemon TCG Online and Pokemon TCG Live codes in BULK. If you have a submission total over $3 or 100 Pokemon codes per booster set for sale, we would like to buy codes from you.

If you are a collector, streamer, store owner, or business that opens 400+ PTCGO codes per set, we would also like to regularly buy from you contact form at the bottom of this page. Want you site or business listed as a partner or on our resource list and get more views and increase brand awareness? Contact us below. All we ask is that you link back to our site.

Important to Know:

  • Submission minimum 100 codes per booster set or $3 minimum submission value. Submissions less than this will be accepted at our bulk booster rate of $0.02 each or posted rate, whichever is lower.
  • Buy rates are subject to change. Confirm pricing before submitting codes, especially for the newest set. Payment is made based on the rates at the time of code submission.
  • BoosterRates are for 10-cardBooster Codes ONLYFor example, a Brilliant Stars code card should say exactly and only Brilliant Stars, NOT Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box, Eevee or anything else. Similarly, an Evolving Skies Booster code card should only be labelled Sword & Shield Evolving Skies.
  • Booster Sets with less than 10 codes may be subject to the Bulk Rate.
  • Do not submit 6-card Booster CodesIf you have a large amount of 6-card pack codes inquire with the quantity, and keep these submissions seperate.

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Online Is Probably Your Best Bet For Rarities

Usually, if you want to sell your Pokémon cards, its best to do them online.

Thats because people are willing to pay a premium.

For example, back in 2020, there was a Pikachu card that sold for over 200,000 dollars! Thats insane, and only for one card.

Of course, if you want people to pay you the best prices, you want to do this through an online resource.

eBay is a good option to start with when choosing an online marketplace to sell.

What Makes A Pokmon Card Valuable

Selling Bulk Pokémon Cards

Pokémon card value is typically determined by its rarity and condition. The rarer the card is, the more it will be worth. Likewise, cards that are in mint condition cost a lot more than cards that have been worn and torn throughout the years.You can determine if a Pokémon card is valuable by looking at the amount of shadowing on the card, a first edition indicator, card number, and year the card was made.

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Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards Near Me

While selling your collection online will likely net you the most money, selling your Pokemon cards in person offers the shortest route between you and a paycheck. There may be bit of face-to-face negotiation involved, so a little bit of homework ahead of time can help you set a walkaway point before talks ever start.

Whats The Best Option To Sell Pokmon Cards

The best option is usually to sell online for valuable cards, especially if theyre worth a lot.

However, the orders dont happen immediately.

Selling online, though, means youre more likely getting the card at the price that you want.

For bulk or pack cards that are organized, you can do them in person to get better options.

Some may also choose to do it in person if you just want to get rid of the collection as well.

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What Influences Pokemon Card Prices

How to Make Money on your Common Pokemon Cards (Selling Bulk)

Before we get into the best places to sell Pokemon cards, we have to go over how Pokemon cards are valued and what makes expensive cards have such ridiculous price tags.

Generally, Pokemon cards are influenced by a few different factors:

  • Overall Demand.
  • Each of these 4 factors can have a dramatic effect on the pricing of the cards, with condition being the overarching factor that can obviously destroy your chances of ever selling a card.

    Condition is determined by a few things such as scratches, creases, wear, tear, and liquid damage. You can view a more detailed guide here.

    Rarity is determined by the symbols and numbers displayed on the bottom right corner of the card or the bottom right corner of the picture .

    Circles or diamonds arent worth much, while stars and first edition symbols can be very rare.

    Edition is determined by special types of cards that were made as part of a unique set. First edition cards are amongst the rarest Pokemon cards in the world.

    Overall demand is pretty self-explanatory. If there is an abundance of a specific card, then it obviously wont be worth much. This somewhat ties in with the rarity of the card.

    Ultimately, the goal is to find Pokemon cards that are first edition, rare, and have the highest grade possible: PSA 10 Mint, which basically means its a card that went straight from pack opening into a protective sleeve and has never been handled.

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    The Best Places To Sell Pokemon Cards

    There are a few different places to check out in order to sell your pokemon cards online.

    I highly recommend you begin your process of finding places to sell Pokemon cards by looking through your collection first to look for possible first edition or old cards that might be more valuable.

    Next, separate out cards that are incredibly worn since these are unlikely to sell.

    Once you have a pile of cards you think have some value, youre ready to find a place to sell your Pokemon cards!

    S For Selling Pokmon Cards

    Just as the selling process varies from site to site, so too do the steps for selling Pokémon cards. Nevertheless, heres an overview of what you will need to do:

  • Determine the value of the card.
  • Mail the cards to the buyer.
  • Wait for payment.
  • Always make sure that the site you are working through is reliable and provides secure payments.

    That way, you dont sell your Pokémon cards without getting the cash you deserve.

    Also, make sure to research the stores so that you can sell Pokémon cards for a lot of money.

    In other words, dont sell my Pokémon cards to just anyone!

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    What Are The Rarest Pokmon Cards

    Some Pokémon cards have special value, including:

    • Full-art cards: Their illustrations extend over the entire front of the card.
    • First-edition cards: They are among the first to be printed and display the edition 1 logo on the bottom left corner of the Pokémon illustration.
    • Holographic cards: They have reflective and shimmery backgrounds.
    • Shining Pokémon cards: They are inverse holographic cards.

    How Much Do We Pay Rates

    Pokemon Cards Bulk 200+

    Common/Uncommon 3.0p

    BREAK £0.25

    Celebrations Holos 5p

    Rates for Pokemon Bulk are constantly moving around, we update this list quite often and our rates will always be mentioned to you with a breakdown before we make any purchase, and we may require you to confirm you are happy with the rates. The rates below are a guideline, but they could change hour by hour based on our needs. We cant also guarantee that we will be able to take every card from you. For example, we may have too many Trainer cards and not need any at that particular time. This will all be discussed once you make the initial contact to us.

    PLEASE READ & NOTE: Due to the nature of Pokemon bulk rates constantly changing, bulk MUST be received to us no more than 10 days after our quote. Bulk received after this cut off will be paid at whatever the current bulk rate is when we receive them.

    All Pins, Coins etc must be official. Codes must be unused and Tins must be with inserts and not dents.

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    Trade Your Pokmon Cards On Reddit

    If youre looking to get some new Pokémon cards while offloading your old cards, consider Reddit. Reddit is actually one of the most underrated and best places to sell video games and video games related stuff.

    Theres a Reddit thread where you can trade Pokémon cards by mail. You can trade cards with people all over the world, which is awesome.

    • Trade your Pokémon cards here.

    When And How Do You Pay And Where Do I Ship To

    We will confirm the shipping address once we confirm that we will take the order from you. This address may not always be the same so please take note if you are repeat business. We do not cover shipping charges.

    VERY IMPORTANT Please add into your package, a piece of paper with your name count breakdown. This makes it easier to identify that its your parcel.

    Once we receive the cards, we will process the order ASAP, , as soon as one working day if they were packed and sorted as mentioned above, . If we have to sort lots of cards out, payment will be much much slower.

    PayPal Payment is the only payment method we use and payment will be made via Goods & Services, which is inclusive of the total we quote. Therefore PayPal will take a fee for the payment. Please refer to PayPal for how much the fee will be.

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    Selling Pokemon Cards Yourself Vs Selling Pokemon Cards To A Reseller

    If youve got some experience selling items on eBay and are familiar with how to package and ship products, chances are youll make a lot more money by selling each card yourself through third party sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Mercari. The benefit here is that you get more bang for your buck, but the tradeoff is that this method is incredibly time consuming and comes with a lot of extra hassle like fronting the cost for shipping supplies, being responsible to photograph and list each product, dealing with returns…you get the picture.For most people, the more realistic option is to sell your Pokemon cards as a lot to a reseller. Not only do you not have to go through the hassle of photographing, listing, and shipping each card individually, youll also get cash in-hand the quickest.

    How To Determine What Your Pokemon Cards Are Worth


    While everyone would love to offload their collection for thousands of dollars, sellers need to be realistic about what theyre sitting on and the condition that its in. Learning how to assess card condition and pairing that with readily available price data is a prerequisite to getting the most money for your beloved cards.

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    Top Cut Central Bulk Policy


    Please ensure that all cards are separated by rarity .We are currently accepting cards from any English Non-World Championship card sets. The cards must be in NM condition, and English language. We understand that English Pokemon cards arent always perfect right out of the pack, but they should be in at least the same condition they were in when the pack was opened. Any cards that we receive that are in a lower condition than NM will not be accepted. Unacceptable cards will be subtracted from the total and disposed. If an order contains a significant enough quantity of unacceptable cards so as to require a more detailed sorting process to remove them, the order will be subject to a 20% surcharge to offset the additional time and labor involved on our end.


    When preparing your bulk for shipping, count it into stacks of 100, sorted by rarity. The different rarities are C/UC, Reverse Holo C/UC, Rare 90HP or less, Holo Rare/Reverse Holo Rare 90HP or less, Rare/Holo Rare/ Reverse Holo Rare 100HP and over. Please make sure that none of the cards youre sending are in sleeves, including the higher rarity cards.

    Wrap the stacks in something that will hold it together, but not damage the cards. Options for this include plastic wrap and/or printer paper. Its helpful to label each stack with its contents, but not absolutely necessary. Please make sure that cards you send are unsleeved, and not in top loaders.

    Packaging for Shipment:

    Final Steps:

    What Are The Qr Codes For On Code Cards

    ThePokémon Trading Card Game Online allows you to open virtual booster packs when you redeem a code. The QR code on the card is a quick way to redeem the code using your webcam, so you dont have to type it in manually.

    Alternatively, there are apps in the Google Play Store and the App Store that can scan the QR codes for you and import them into the game so they are easy to redeem.

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    Facebook Marketplace And Craigslist

    These are other great places you can sell your Pokémon cards. They help you find buyers close to you. The benefit is that the buyer will be able to see the Pokémon cards in person, you can get a buyer who wants to buy the collections, so bulk sales will be faster. You will need to set a price for your Pokémon cards before approaching a potential buyer.

    Organize The Cards By Sets

    Pokemon Cards Ultimate Grab Bag bulk lot. Ultra Rare, Holo, Shiny, Rare ...

    A good way to organize your cards is by sets. You can identify a set by a small symbol. On old sets, this symbol will appear in the bottom right corner of the Pokémon illustration.

    On new sets, this symbol will appear on the bottom right corner of the whole card.

    Read this list of Pokémon card symbols to check which sets your cards belong to.

    Please note that Base card sets, which were one of the first three sets to be released in the USA, dont have a symbol on the card.

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    What Is The Best Website To Sell Pokemon Cards On

    One of the best websites to sell Pokemon cards for cash is Troll and Toad. On this site, you can connect with buyers who are looking to purchase Pokemon cards. Additionally, eBay is a great platform to sell cards and other collectibles. Make sure to check out each platform to see which one is the best fit for you and your selling needs.

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    Large Selection Of Wholesale Pokmon With Great Prices And Worldwide Shipping

    The characters that everyone has heard of, that everyone is talking about or that everyone has played with Pokémon. The ultra popular figures for children are available at the best prices on the market. Choose from large action figures in vinyl or small Pokéballs just to capture the opponent with. Order in bulk quantities and get worldwide shipping!

    The demand for Pokémon toys, merchandise, figures and games has only increased with the launch of Pokémon Go, and everyone dreams of becoming a Pokémon trainer. Many children, young and even adults are Pokémon fans and like to collect and play with these characters. Pokémon is an abbreviation for pocket monster, and thats exactly what the Pokémon characters are.

    Choose us as your Pokémon distributor, we offer a universe of Pokémon items. Sign up today and get Pokémon wholesale prices from Entertainment Trading A/S.

    Entertainment Trading is a real trading house, constantly looking for new suppliers and business partners: We work with everyone from small local businesses to the worlds largest supermarket chains.

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