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Pokemon Super Articulated Figures

Shiny Pokemon Select Figure Caught In The Wild

Pokémon Select Charizard Articulated Figure from Jazwares


In June 2021, Jazware announced a new line of Pokémon action figure which would be 6 and have a ton of articulations. Exciting! Here is the official statement:

With more detail, more points of articulation, and more ways to play and display than ever, this 6 Super Articulated Charizard is the perfect addition to any Pokémon trainers team! Every Select 6 Super Articulated figure comes with 15+ points of articulation, high levels of detail, and a Posing Arm accessory so you can pose Charizard any way youd like! With authentic details that make this Charizard figure look like it flew right out of the Pokémon animated series, you can pose Charizard to recreate all of your favorite moments! Gotta Catch Em All! An Officially licensed Pokémon product from Jazwares!


So poseable!

Now, what we did NOT expect would be that Jazwares would pull the same trick that they use with their AEW Unrivaled action figures, and have slightly different, more limited chase versions for those Pokémons, which would end up being the SHINY version! In the video games, shiny Pokémons are very hard to find, so it makes sense that the shiny would be the chase versions!

A shiny Charizard appears!

Some would say its a photo edit where colors were just changed

Here is a cover of the theme song by the amazing band PowerGlove , with Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica singing, because why not!

More news at 11:00 Gotta catchem all! Pokémon!


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