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How To Get Bulbasaur In Pokemon Quest

How Much Should You Sell Forest Dungeon Items For In Moonlighter

How To Get Bulbasaur in Pokemon Quest | Pokemon Quest Cooking Recipes | 100% POKEDEX COMPLETE!

Find out the price to sell every Forest dungeon item for in Moonlighter.

Pokemon Quest, the free-to-download automated battler just released for Nintendo Switch, doesnt play much like previous Pokemon games. That doesnt mean its not built on the same foundations, however, and collecting and evolving a balanced roster of Pokemon is key to success across the games ten mission-packed worlds.

Pokemon evolution happens in much the same way as it does in the core games. All 151 first generation Pokemon are featured in Quest, and each evolves once it hits a pre-determined experience level. That level varies from species to species, but is generally the same level at which they evolve in the original games.

If youre a Pokemon fanatic, youve probably already commited that info to memory, but for those who havent here is a list of every Pokemon and when theyll evolve.

Abra L16 > Kadabra L36 > AlakazamBellsprout L21 > WeepinbellBulbasaur L16 > Ivysaur L32 > VenusaurCaterpie L7 > Metapod L10 > ButterfreeCharmander L16 > Charmeleon L36 > CharizardCubone L28 > MarowakWeedle L7 > Kakuna L10 > BeedrillZubat L22 > Golbat

There are a few things worth noting. One is that nobody is quite sure, yet, how special evolutions work. That includes Pokemon such as Evee and Tyrogue, which can evolve into more than one form, and Pokemon which require a special item to evolve in the original game, such as Onix.

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Pokemon Quest Evolution Levels

To evolve most Pokemon in Pokemon Quest you simply have to reach the specified level and make sure you dont have the Everstone option turned on , which will stop a Pokemon from evolving. Pokemon Quest includes the original 151 Pokemon and their evolution levels are the same as they are in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Weve included the chart below so you have a quick reference for the evolutions. Of course, that leaves the Pokemon that require a stone to evolve. Fortunately, those stones arent necessary in Pokemon Quest. However, were still figuring out the evolution levels for the Pokemon that normally require stones. Be sure to check back soon as well update this article once the information is available.

Theres also the question of Pokemon that evolve into different forms such as Eevee. Weve finally learned how to evolve Eevee, but once again, well be updating this article with information on other special evolutions as soon as its available. In the meantime, heres the list of Pokemon Quest evolution levels, and you can find more strategies and advice on the game in our Pokemon Quest hub!


If youre looking for a Pokemon Quest Geodude recipe, youve come to the right place!

byBryan Dawson

Like most other games in the franchise, the Pokemon Quest type advantage can help you gain the upper hand when fighting.

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What Do You Get For Beating A Megaraid

Instead of catching the Mega Pokémon at the end of the Mega Raid, players are rewarded with Mega Energy. The faster the Raid is completed, the more Mega Energy Trainers are rewarded. Although all Mega Pokémon havent been introduced to Mega Raids yet, we have guides for the following: Mega Venusaur Mega Raid Guide.

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What Is The Best Starter In Pokemon Quest

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some players may find that Charmander is the best starter because it evolves into the powerful Charizard, while others may prefer Bulbasaur due to its versatility. Ultimately, it comes down to what each player is looking for in a starter Pokemon.

What Rare Candy Does

How to get Bulbasaur in Pokémon Quest

As mentioned above, Rare Candy can be fed to your Pokemon to boost their experience level. This is obviously useful in helping them to grow stronger and learn new abilities, but its also very handy if youre looking to evolve a Pokemon since most evolutions require a Pokemon to be at a minimum level.

Standard Candy comes in different sizes, which are as below:

  • XL 30000

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What Is The Strongest Starter

The 15 Strongest Pokemon Starters, Ranked

  • 1 Cinderace Is An Powerful Enough To Fight Legendaries.
  • 2 Rillaboom Is Grass-Gliding Beast.
  • 3 Swampert Is A Longtime Metagame Tank.
  • 4 Primarina Can Get By On Their Torrent Power.
  • 5 Blaziken Was Once A Mega-Powered Speedster.
  • 6 Incineroar Is A Bulkly Defensive Fire-Type.
  • Selecting Charmander As A Starter Pokmon

    The easiest way to obtain Charmander is to select it as a starter Pokémon in the available Pokémon games. Starter Pokémon are offered to the player at the start of the games quest by the Professor in the players hometown. Players have the option of choosing a Fire, Water or Grass-type starter Pokémon as their first Pokémon their in-game rival will automatically choose a starter Pokémon that has a type advantage over the player for example, selecting Charmander will cause the players rival to choose Squirtle as their starter Pokémon. In Pokémon Yellow, players are given Pikachu as a starter Pokémon, they do not have a choice.

    Did You Know?

    While the player in Pokémon Yellow must choose Pikachu as their starter Pokémon, they can find the original starters on their journey: Bulbasaur is found in a house in Cerulean City, Charmander on Route 25 and Squirtle after beating Lt Surge in Vermillion City!

    There are now six Pokémon games where the player can select Charmander as a starter Pokémon without these games, players will have to trade to obtain Charmander, or get the Pokémon in the Pal Park or Poke Transfer. These games include:

    • Pokémon Red

    Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue allow the player to start out with Charmander!

    Jessica Marello, Fair Use: Pokémon Blue

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    How To Get Bulbasaur And Squirtle In The Isle Of Armor Dlc

    How to get Bulbasaur,ivysaur,venasaur in Pokémon quest

    As the heading suggests, youll need to purchase the Isle of Armor DLC first before you can get your hands on Bulbasaur or Squirtle within the game storyline.

    You should follow through with the main DLC quest line by visiting the Master Dojo, Mustard, and completing the first of the three trials to obtain the Armor after youve defeated your new rival for the first time.

    The first trial is to capture three of the fast Slowpoke. Youll be able to spot them in the Soothing Wetlands, creating big clouds as they run in circles. The easiest way to catch them is to use your Rotom Bike, and watch the pattern that the Slowpoke take and intercept them. Once youve done that, youll have to battle each one and defeat them.

    Once thats all done, head back on over to the Dojo. Honey will bring out both Bulbasaur and Squirtle, and offer for you to take one of them to train. Both of these are capable of Gigantimaxing. However, they can only do this in their final forms , and it will take a while to get them there considering that they start at level 5.

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    How To Get All Three Starters On Your Team

    As far as were aware at the moment, you cant get all three starters organically through the game, as you have to choose between Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Either youll have to play through the Isle of Armor twice, trade with a friend via Link Trade or import them from a previous game using Pokémon HOME.

    The best games for this are the physical copies of Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu! and Pokémon Lets Go Eevee!, or if you have a Pokémon bank on your 3DS that is linked to Pokémon HOME.

    How To Get Bulbasaur In Pokmon Quest

    When it comes to knowing how to get Bulbasaur in Pokémon Quest, youll need to know which cooking recipes have the ability to lure Bulbasaur to your camp. In Pokémon Quest, there are four different cooking recipes that can potentially help you get Bulbasaur.

    • Sludge Soup
    • Yellow Curry
    • Mulligan Stew

    Its worth noting that Sludge Soup yields the highest odds of getting Bulbasaur. Then, recipes like Veggie Smoothie, Yellow Curry, and Mulligan Stew also have the ability to lure Bulbasaur in Pokémon Quest.

    To up your odds even more, theres a special recipe version of Sludge Soup that gives you an over 50% chance of getting Bulbasaur. However, base versions of Sludge Soup yield just a measly 1% chance.

    To help you out, weve listed the ingredients and recipes needed to get Bulbasaur in Pokémon Quest. Keep in mind, the Special version of Sludge Soup is your best bet when it comes to luring Bulbasaur in Pokémon Quest.

    • Special: Balm Mushroom , Rainbow Matter , Tiny Mushroom
    • Very Good: Balm Mushroom , Tiny Mushroom
    • Very Good: Balm Mushroom , Tiny Mushroom , Honey
    • Very Good: Balm Mushroom , Tiny Mushroom , Big Root
    • Very Good: Balm Mushroom , Tiny Mushroom , Icy Rock

    Veggie Smoothie Recipes

    • Very Good: Big Root , Apricorn
    • Very Good: Big Root , Apricorn , Honey
    • Very Good: Big Root , Apricorn , Bluk Berry
    • Very Good: Big Root , Apricorn , Fossil
    • Very Good: Big Root , Apricorn , Icy Rock
    • Very Good: Big Root , Apricorn , Balm Mushroom

    Yellow Curry Recipes

    Mulligan Stew Recipes

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    Heres How To Get The Gen 1 Starters In The Latest Pokmon Game

    They say you cant beat the originals, and getting the first three starters within a Pokémon game always seems like an achievement. Now that the Isle of Armor DLC has been released for Pokémon Sword and Shield, trainers can get their hands on Bulbasaur and Squirtle .

    If youd like to know how to get hold of each of the three starters, then keep on reading. We also have a tutorial on how to get started with the Isle of Armor DLC if youre struggling.

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    How To Access Charmander

    Just to be upfront, its not likely that players will be able to get their hands on Charmander during the gamesmain story. While its possible to encounter Charmander and its evolution line as boss Pokemon in Max Raid battles, the chances of that happening are very slim.

    Theres only one surefire way to unlock Charmander, and thats by completing Pokemon Sword and Shield and defeating the Galar Pokemon League champion, Leon. As the final boss of the games story, Leon sports a stacked team of Pokemon consisting of Aegislash , Dragapult , Haxorus , Mr. Rime , Inteleon , and Charizard , and all of them are level 64 or higher. He wont be easy to beat, in short.


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    Pokemon Quest Shiny Starter

    Watch pokemon quest shiny starter now.

    Shiny Pokemon In Quest Simple How To Guide

    How to get shiny pokemon in quest! easy way exeggcute reaction live gameplay on twitch…

    Pokemon Quest Shiny Starter Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur Very Good Cooking Pot

    Shiny bulbasaur in pokemon quest from a very good sludge soup la cube with two pokemon! quickly evolved that starter into ivysaur and shiny…

    Finally My First Shiny Pokemon Quest 01 Poijz

    Whats icy guys?! my name is dylan. otherwise known as poijz. shiny pokemon are kinda cool. let’s hit 15 likes for psyduck! hopefully you will enjoy …

    All Rare Shiny Pokemon In Quest Tips And Tricks

    Pokemon quest shiny guide – how to get in quest! legendary cooking legend…

    Pokemon Quest Shiny Guide How To Get In

    Pokemon quest shiny guide / how to get in + my collection! there are pokemon…

    Best Possible Start Pokemon Quest For A Shiny 01

    Pokemon quest is a new game that was just released for the nintendo switch and its time to begin my journey through it find some shiny pokemon! ma…

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    Research Collection Challenge Pokmon List And Rewards

    The Research Collection Challenge is part of Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto and is only available to players who purchased a ticket for this in-game event.

    Completing this Collection Challenge is thankfully pretty simple – but completing the Kanto Special Research, you’ll get all these as rewards as part of the various steps along the way. Several also spawn in the wild, if that helps you track down particular creatures.

    Remember, though the Kanto Special Research has no deadline once started, the Research Collection Challenge does – so if you want to finish it, then getting through the quest within that time is important..

    The list of Research Collection Challenge Pokémon are as follows:

    For completing the Research Collection Challenge, you’ll receive 1510 XP, 3 Silver Pinap Berries and a Ditto encounter.

    How Do You Get A Shiny Dratini In Pokemon Quest

    Pokémon Quest: Bulbasaur Evolved Into Ivysaur and Venusaur | Pokemon Bulbasaur Evolution

    Theres no one definitive answer to this question, as the likelihood of obtaining a Shiny Dratini in Pokemon Quest may vary depending on individual circumstances. However, some tips on how to get a Shiny Dratini in Pokemon Quest include trying different quests until you encounter one, evolving a regular Dratini into a Shiny Dratini, or using a Rare Candy to evolve a regular Dratini into a Shiny Dratini.

    To get a Squirtle in Pokémon Quest, youll need to capture a Wartortle and evolve it into a Blastoise.

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    How Do I Get New Recipes In Pokemon Quest

    recipes in Pokemon QuestpokemonPokemon QuestBugtype PokemonWe’ll list each one, along with the exact Pokemon Quest recipe you’ll need to make in order to lure them in.

    • Bulbasaur – Sludge Soup a la Cube, Veggie Smoothie a la Cube.
    • Charmander – Hot Pot a la Cube, Red Stew a la Cube.
    • Squirtle – Blue Soda a la Cube, Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube.
    • Caterpie – Honey Nectar.

    catch MewyoudoPokemon QuestcatchPokemonPokemon Quest Best Pokemon

    How Do You Get Jolteon In Pokemon Quest

    To get Jolteon, Eevees attack and HP stats must be about the same, roughly within 50 to 100 points of each other. And finally, to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon in Pokemon Quest, Eevees HP stat must be higher than its attack stat. To influence Eevees stats, players need to equip different stones to it.

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    Takethree For The Team

    Youcan include three Pokémon in your party at any time. You’ll get three right offthe batPidgey,Rattata, and your chosen first partnerPokémon.

    You’llquickly notice Pidgey actsvery differently in battle than Rattata does. Pidgey attacksfrom long range instead of close range, so it’ll try to stay out of the heat ofcombat and attack from a distance. All Pokémon trendtoward either short or long range, and how many of each you includein your party will greatly impact your strategy.

    Ifyou’re facing opponents with dangerous close-range attacks, you may want to usePokémon that keep their distance for safety. Close-range Pokémon tendto excel in situations where you’ll face larger waves ofenemies, and they tend to be a little sturdier, too.

    YourPokémons individual Attack and HP stats are added up to determine yourTeam Strength. Each stage has a different recommended Team Strength, but youmay find what you actually need to be higher or lower depending onhow well your team fits the challenge. Remember that each stage has aweakness that one type of Pokémon can exploit to net you extra Team Strength.Including Pokémon of this type on your team will make it much easierto complete the stage.

    Tryto build up a large collection of Pokémon so you can adjust yourstrategy depending on the situation.


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