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How To Change Clothes In Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Change Gym Uniform

How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

The gym uniforms you can change into are exactly what they sound like, uniforms you earn by defeating different gym trainers in their respective Gym Challenges. You will unlock one for each gym type you beat on your Pokemon journey, so you likely already have a few to try on.

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Alternatively, new clothing can be purchased from clothing shops for 18,000 Watts. While it will set you back some currency, you are able to purchase gym clothes for areas you haven’t been to yet.

Once you have your outfit, you can’t just change at will. You have to visit one of the previously mentioned clothing shops and head into the changing room to put on one of your new gym uniforms. Once there, you will get a menu where you can completely customize your character with different tops, jackets, pants, socks, backpacks, hats, and more. If you want to wear a full uniform, though, go to the far right tab on the menu to cycle through all the gym leader outfits fully put together for you.

The only downside to changing your uniform is that it does not show up when you are participating in a gym challenge. These events will always put your character in the same white outfit, which is somewhat disappointing. Still, you can freely make your own look and enjoy it while exploring the world and catching wild Pokemon in the field. Pick your favorite type and represent it with a flashy new look!

Can You Change Challenger Uniforms

You cant change your trainer uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Challenge mode. We dont know why such an odd limitation, but players can only wear white challenger uniforms. However, you can pick your uniform number before the start of your first match. Bear in mind that you wont be able to change it later.

How To Change Gym Uniforms In Pokmon Sword And Shield

You can change your gym uniform in Pokémon Sword and Shield by visiting any clothing shops changing room.

Unlike reality, it isnt mandatory for you to buy a new shirt or trousers from a store in order to undress and change there. Just hop into the changing room and you will be greeted with a list of clothing items you have already purchased or unlocked.

Scroll through your wardrobe and dress as freely and horribly as you want by selecting outfits that are an assault to the eyes.

As mentioned before, you unlock new and unique gym uniforms by defeating leaders. Again, you cant wear any of them during gym battles, but you can at least don the outfits when exploring the Wild Area.

In addition to unlocking uniforms by beating champions, you can also purchase them from the Motostoke Stadium and other places.

Pokémon Sword and Shield is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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How To Change Uniform In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To change your uniform, use the following steps:

Time needed: 1 minute.

  • Visit a clothing shop and enter the changing room
  • From here you will be able to scroll through the clothes you have purchased. The tab to the far right is your uniforms.
  • Unfortunately, this will not change your outfit during gym challenges. The white uniform you wear as standard cannot actually be changed in this mode. Its a frustrating decision by Game Freak but theres no way around it were sorry to say.

    So while you can indeed change your uniform to explore and catch new Pokemon, its not something you can don while actually competing.

    That should be everything you need to know about how to change uniform in Pokemon Sword & Shield. For more useful tips and guides on the game, do check out our extensive guide wiki.

    Weve listed some related content that may be useful to you, but if you cant find what youre looking for anywhere on the site then feel free to sound off in the comment section below and well do our best to help.

    Switch Hairstyles At Hair Salon

    How to Change Your Clothes in Pokemon Sword &  Shield ...

    There are multiple Hair Salons you can visit to switch up your hairstyle in. You can visit multiple times & change it any number of times as long as you have the money.

    Salons Offer Same Hairstyles

    There is no variation in Hairstyles between the Hair Salons. Any hairstyle you find in a given salon can also be found in all the others in the region.

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    Its Just Not Possible

    Many attempts have been made to change the Gym Challenger Uniform, but it seems its just not possible. This is an odd choice in mechanics given that a new uniform is rewarded from every Gym Leader defeated. Its incredibly peculiar considering the advances to character customization in the game overall.

    For many trainers who only care to wear these uniforms while competing in challenges, this missing feature means every uniform won from a Gym leader will just junk up the wardrobe. Though trainers who could care less about outfit coordination could find these to be a fun alternative to other clothing options. Being theyre one-piece outfits, theres no matching required to rock one of these type-specific looks.

    All in all, not being able to cycle through challenge uniforms isnt a huge deal, but it is rather unhygienic. Less fashion-conscious trainers may not even notice the lack of options in the changing room. However, a collection of trophy uniforms will only clutter the wardrobe and serve as a repetitive let down every time players scroll past them- especially if money was spent on store-bought uniforms.

    Lets just hope the Gym League staff are keeping on top of the laundry.

    How To Customize Outfits In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

    To switch outfits in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you first need to make your way to Veilstone City. This can be accessed after youve defeated the second Gym Leader, Gardenia, in Eterna City.

    • Once youre there, head to the Metronome Style Shop.
    • Here, you can purchase different Styles to customize your characters appearance.
    • You can also switch to DLC clothing here, such as the Platinum Style, as well as any outfits that you already own.

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    Where Can You Wear Gym Uniforms In Pokemon Sword

    You can wear alternate gym uniforms in a clothing shop. Gym uniforms also come with separate accessories. So, you need to buy all of them to get a full set. Or, you can buy the full gym set for 18000 poke dollars.

    Although you can buy a complete set of gym outfits, you cannot equip them while battling the gym leaders. You will be wearing the default white jersey during battles. I tried to change uniforms in all of the gyms. But, it always shows a message saying only authorized people are allowed to enter here.

    On the other hand, you can show off your gym outfits in the city or Wild Areas.

    Check our awesome guide if you dont know how to get mew on pokemon sword and shield.

    You may ask:

    Can You Change the Number on the Back of Your Uniform?

    No, you cannot change the number on the back of your jersey. But, the number can be chosen while registering the gym. So, be careful while choosing the number because its fixed.

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    How Do I Upgrade My Bike In Pokemon Shield

    Pokémon Sword and Shield how to change clothes – How to change into costumes you’ve bought

    How to upgrade your bike Track down the Bike Lady. Press A to talk to the Bike Lady. Press A to select Yes, customize my bike. Press A to select Sparkling White or Glistening Black. To change your bike gear, press A to talk to the Bike Lady again. Press A to select I want to change my outfit..

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    How To Change Bike Clothing Color In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    Once you have the bike you want to make your way to the Wild Area. Inside the Wild Area there are Rotom Rally NPCs littered throughout the area. Go up to one of these NPCs and speak to them. This Watt merchant has a number of options for you such as upgrading your bike, competing in Rotom Rallies, and getting a makeover. Choose the get a Makeover option to change the color of your outfit while you are riding on your bike. The color scheme you can select is dictated by the first Pokemon in your party. If that Pokemon is Fire-type you will get a Fire-type color scheme for example.

    Thats all you need to know about how to change bike clothing color in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Swap your party around to see the various colors you have available to you. Personally Im partial to the Fairy-type color. Whats your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

    Thoughts on our how to change Bike Clothing Color in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield guide? Drop a comment in The Pit below.

    How To Change Your Uniform In Pokemon Sword

    Aaron DonaldRead more October 18, 2021

    Pokemon Sword and Shield players can earn free trainer uniforms for defeating gym leaders or purchase new outfits from the clothing store. The tricky part is to find where to change the outfit, as this mechanic isnt available from the main menu. If youre wondering how to show off with your new attire in the game, were here to help.

    This guide will explain how to change your uniform and gym battle uniform number in Pokemon Sword. Additionally, well answer some of the most common questions related to new outfits. Read on to add a bit of personality to your appearance.

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    How To Unlock The Platinum Style Outfit

    Besides the nine styles you can purchase at the Metronome Style Shop, there is currently one style unlockable through Mystery Gift until February 22, 2022. Head into the Mystery Gift option in your menu, select Get via Internet and once your gift is found, select Clothing Gift to receive the Platinum Style. As the name implies, the Platinum Style outfit changes the player character into either Dawns or Lucas clothing from Pokémon Platinum. The downside is that you still have to progress the game to the Metronome Style Shop in order to change into the Platinum Style.

    Metronome Style Shop Location


    Now, to actually change your outfit, you must head over to Veilstone City. To unlock the city, however, you must defeat the Gym Leader Gardenia, in Eterna City.

    Once youve successfully defeated the Gym leader and have entered the city, head over to the Metronome Style Shop.

    The shop is located southern part of the city. Youll find it at the north of the entrance to Routh 214. If you played the original game, youll notice that this location was formerly the place where the Game Corner building used to be.

    Once youve found the shop, head inside and talk to the lady at the counter to either change your clothes or buy new ones.

    Both choices have their own option prompts. Select Id like to shop if youre looking forward to buying your outfit or you can select Change my Style if you want to change your purchased clothing.

    Just like the limited character customization, the variety of outfits is limited as well, with only a few styles of clothes, plus the Winter offer called the Platinum Style is locked as its a part of the Pokemon BDSP DLC.

    You can also choose the winter and cyber styles of outfits. Mostly all your outfits consist of Jackets. The fan-favorite this year is the Pikachu Hoodie used as a part of the Winter clothing.

    Additionally, youll get access to a jacket for Eevee, a Gengar jacket, and a leather jacket. Thats pretty much the entire Outfit types you can buy or change in Pokemon BDSP.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Fiery Clothes For The Man In Ballonlea

    You’ll find this strange man in the south-west corner of Ballonlea, stood behind the boy who tells you about Frank, his grandpa. Speak to him and he’ll go on a rant about how he wants to be like Sizzlipede and Scorbunny, but to do so, he needs to see you wear clothes with a fiery spirit that embodies his burning feelings. It’s certainly curious, especially since he doesn’t explain exactly what those clothes are.

    Luckily for you though, we’ve sussed it out. You need to go to Hammerlocke and have a considerable amount of cash available, because clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield are expensive. Enter the Boutique store west of the gym, then first enter the changing room and equip the Fire uniform, earned by defeating Kabu.

    Next, speak to the shop assistant and purchase everything you possibly can branded as Fire-type: tracksuit jacket, trackie bottoms, sport travel bag, sport cap, and sport sunglasses. With all of those equipped along with the Fire uniform, head back to Ballonlea and speak to the man.

    He’ll be thoroughly impressed and as a result, will give you TM78 Acrobatics. Worth it? Probably not, but oh well!

    Give me a game and I will write every “how to” I possibly can or die trying. When I’m not knee-deep in a game to write guides on, you’ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretending to know what I’m doing in Football Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

    How To Change Clothes In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    After purchasing a clothing item successfully, youll get a prompt to put non the clothes if you click on yes, your character will wear the clothes if you click no, nothing will happen. But what to do next if you want to put on the new clothes?

    Simply walk into the trial room the room is seen in the boutique and can be accessed by walking in!

    Once there, everythings pretty straightforward. After that, you get a list of all the clothing items you have, and youll have to click on the clothing item you have to wear. This will lead to you instantly dawning on that piece of clothing as I said earlier, it is a pretty straightforward procedure once you enter the trial room!

    Now that we know how to buy clothe and how to wear them lets move on to the next question, i.e., how to change your uniforms in the game?

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    Why Cant I Change My Uniform During Gym Battles

    Though Pokemon Sword and Shield seems to imply that you can change your Gym uniform by giving you the ability to buy and obtain new uniforms, you just cant. Theres no explanation for it. Youre stuck wearing the same default uniform whenever you enter into a Gym challenge or the Pokemon League Championships throughout the game. That uniform is the same for everyone who plays the game .

    Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Customize Your Character’s Outfit Hair Style And Eye Color

    Pokemon Sword And Shield How To Change Clothes

    Are you fed up with staring at the same character design for hours on end? Simply don’t like what your character is wearing or your hairstyle? Want to be different from everyone else? Want to have rainbow-colored eyes or even fireballs? If so then you’ve come to the right place, find out how to break away from the crowd and personalize your look here!

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    How To Change Your Uniform In Pokemon Sword And Sheild

    Uniforms were introduced in the game as a reward for beating the gym leader in a match. These uniforms are more than mere pieces of clothing they represent your victory over some of the best trainers in the Galar region. And when you have all the gym uniforms, it means youre ready for the final battle!

    Every uniform looks different depending upon the gym leader youve defeated in the battle. Every uniform youll get will be similar to the uniform the losing gym leader was wearing. Dont worry they wont strip in front of you and give away the uniform they have an extra one!

    These uniforms cant be worn to any gym leader matches though, you can wear them outside, but in the battle, your clothes will change to their default mode when you enter the stadium for the battle!

    If you have defeated a gym leader, you probably have a uniform in your bag, but how do you access it, and how do you wear it? The same way you wore the clothes you bought from the store, by going inside the trial room and clicking on the items in the uniform.

    Kirby And The Forgotten Land Listing Confirms Amiibo Support

    Amidst the news for Kirby and the Forgotten Lands official release date, Bandana Waddle Dee co-op fun times, new and returning copy abilities, and more, there was one fairly important detail that slipped through amiibo. While many fans figured that Kirbys newest adventure would also be amiibo compatible, it

    One of the few new things added to the formula in the faithful remakes that are Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is the ability to change your characters outfit. The addition of character customization to the game is not available right away, however, and does come with a few caveats.

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