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How Do You Find Giovanni In Pokemon Go

How To Find Giovanni

HOW TO FIND & BEAT GIOVANNI (THE EASY WAY) [Pokémon GO Team Rocket Takeover]

In order to find Giovanni, you need to complete the An Inter-egg-sting Development Special Research, or the new A Seven-Colored Shadow Special Research.

Once you complete step 4 of the special research, you will get a Super Rocket Radar. It works like a regular Rocket Radar, but it tracks Giovanni, not GO Rocket leaders.

The Super Rocket Radar doesnt immediately lead you to Giovanni it displays locations of both decoy Grunts disguised as Giovanni and Giovannis actual Hideout. Youll need to approach each PokéStop and investigate yourself to find where Giovannis hiding.

You can receive Giovanni Special Research once per month.

So How To Find Giovanni

Giovanni is the boss of the team go rocket. Once you find giovanni, prepare yourself for a fight. Here’s how you can find him. There’s a couple of things you have to do before you can actually fight and beat giovanni. How to find the team go rocket leaders. In pokemon go, giovanni is team go rocket’s undisputed boss with a history of cruelty and ruthlessness to back up his nefarious schemes. In order to get a shot at challenging the head of team rocket, you’ll need to complete limited time special or timed research since giovanni is the leader of team rocket, you can expect him to not go down easily. Whether you’ve beaten him before though or this is your first time taking on the infamous team rocket leader, here are all the best pokemon go giovanni counters along with how to find him in the first place. If you plan to catch the bird, buckle up and get ready for some giovanni hunting. And it is that, after the appearance of the leaders of team go rocket arlo, cliff and sierra, it was only a matter of time before the maximum boss appeared. Team rocket is no different in pokémon go, where a part of the game allows you to battle team rocket members and eventually face the leader. As a quick refresher, giovanni won’t just be hanging out for you to fight immediately. Doing so will give the player access to the super rocket radar, which will be important to identify his location.

Can You Find Giovanni In Pokemon Go In October 2021

By Sam Woods

Since they were added to Pokemon GO back in 2019, Team GO Rocket have become a pivotal part of the game.

The antagonists have their own events, take over Pokestops, fly overhead in hot air balloons and often play a part in Field and Special Research.

After defeating each of the three different Rocket Leaders, players would usually earn the right to go head to head with the Rocket Boss, Giovanni, however, he has been rather hard to come by recently.

Lets take a look if you can find Giovanni in Pokemon GO in October 2021, and if so, what Pokemon he has with him.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl | Details Trailer

Unfortunately, the short answer is no.

Giovanni last appeared with Shadow Ho-Oh back in . He was appearing from June 17 to September 1, however, has gone back into hiding since then. Its likely hell reappear soon.

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Giovanni Has Disappeared In The Season Of Mischief

Unfortunately, Niantic says in the Pokémon GO Season of Mischief announcement that Giovanni has disappeared, so you won’t be able to battle him at the moment. But we fully expect him to be back later in the season – he loves a bit of mischief, after all. Perhaps he’ll bring Shadow Lugia with him this time around?

Whatever happens, it pays to be ready. So get powering up

Tips For Defeating Giovanni

How to Find Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Unlike standard Team GO Rocket Grunts, Giovanni can use shields. Giovanni will use up one of their shields every time you use a Charge Move, so its good to have a Pokemon with a Charge Move that has a low energy requirement such as Machamp with Cross Chop so you can burn through their shields quickly and hit their later Pokemon hard with a stronger Charge Move with a higher energy requirement.

According to a set of tips from user Paraprosdokian7 and LanAkou, the Pokemon used by Team GO Rocket Leaders have souped up attack stats. That means that its not only important to use Pokemon that can deal super effective damage but ones that can resist their attacks. You can bait the leaders into using up all their shields quickly if you use fast charging Charge Moves constantly in the beginning. That way your more powerful Charge Moves can hit the opponent without a hitch. If you can kill a Pokemon easily with Fast Moves, save up your Charge Moves for the next Pokemon they send out especially if that Pokemon isnt weak to your Fast Moves. Click on the links on each user for more info.

Once you defeat Giovanni, collect the rewards in the Special Research quest to end it. Youll also be able to catch Shadow Suicune right after you beat Giovanni.

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Pokemon Go: How To Find Giovanni In June 2021

In Pokemon GO, Giovanni is Team GO Rocket’s undisputed boss with a history of cruelty and ruthlessness to back up his nefarious schemes.

To find and defeat Giovanni in Pokemon GO, trainers will need to put in a significant amount of work defeating his grunts and lieutenants. It takes a determined player and a few particular items, but tracking down Giovanni and battling his Shadow Legendary Pokemon is possible and well within the reach of most players in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters: Cloyster

Giovanni loves the OG Pokemon, huh? Cloyster is Water and Ice-type, and weak to Electric, Rock, Fighting, and Grass-type moves. If you lose to Cloyster the first time, try another counter that isn’t weak to whichever charged move Cloyster is rocking.

  • Tyranitar, with Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Magnezone, with Spark and Wild Charge
  • Aggron, with Smack Down and Stone Edge
  • Melmetal, with Thunder Shock and Superpower
  • Registeel, with Lock On and Flash Cannon

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Rewards For Defeating Giovanni In Pokmon Go

You will receive a variety of rewards for defeating Giovanni. This includes 5000 Stardust and a variety of healing items, such as Max Potions and Max Revives. There’s also a chance that you’ll receive a Unova Stone.

Best of all, however, you’ll be given the opportunity to catch a Legendary Shadow Pokémon.

Every month brings a new Shadow Legendary Pokémon. This means that, if there’s a particular Shadow Legendary Pokémon you want to add to your collection, then you must complete the Team Go Rocket Special Research quest for that month.

Completing The Take-Over Continues in January 2020, for example, would reward you with Shadow Moltres, but, if you completed the same story-line in another month, you’ll find yourself facing a different Shadow Legendary Pokémon.

Here are the Shadow Legendary Pokémon Giovanni has had in his team:

Giovanni Shadow Legendary Pokémon so far:

  • Shadow Articuno – November 2019 and March 2021
  • Shadow Zapdos – December 2019, April and June 2021
  • Shadow Moltres- January 2020 and May 2021
  • Shadow Raikou – February 2020
  • Shadow Entei – March to July 2020
  • Shadow Suicune – July 2020 and from July to October 2020
  • Shadow Mewtwo – October 2020
  • Shadow Ho-Oh – June 2021

Defeating Giovanni will also help you level up the Ultra Hero medal, which records how many times you’ve defeated the boss of Team Go Rocket.

Thanks to Chrales from Twitter, we know what this clothing looks like:

new giovanni avatar items

What Pokemon Does Giovanni Use How To Find Giovanni In Pokemon Go

How To Beat Giovanni & Find Out Best Pokemon To Beat Giovanni In Pokemon Go

What pokemon does giovanni use?

Giovanni is one of my favorite characters in the show, but theres one thing that has always bothered me what type of pokemon does he use?

Well, youre in luck because weve created this guide to list all his pokemon and their types! Now you can be sure that when you go up against him in a battle at least your knowledge will be spot on.


  • 4 Conclusion
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    How To Find Team Go Rocket Leaders Arlo Cliff Sierra And Boss Giovanni In Pokmon Go

    Read on below to learn how to find Team GO Rocket leaders Arlo, Cliff, Sierra and boss Giovanni in Pokémon GO:

    Team GO Rocket Leaders & Giovanni

    Team GO Rocket LeadersArlo, Cliff, and Sierraare powerful Trainers you can encounter by crafting a Rocket Radar to locate their Hideouts. Defeating Team GO Rocket Leaders gives you a chance to encounter rare Shadow Pokémon and complete Special Research to fight Team GO Rockets boss Giovanni.

    Note: This feature is only available to Trainers who are Level 8 and above.

    Finding Team GO Rocket LeadersEach time you Battle and defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt, theyll drop a Mysterious Component. Collect 6 Mysterious Components to craft a Rocket Radar:

    You can track your progress towards completing a Rocket Radar by checking how many Mysterious Components are in your Bag. After earning your first Rocket Radar, Rocket Radars will be available for purchase from the in-game Shop using PokéCoins.

    The Rocket Radar reveals the locations of nearby Leader Hideouts. Leader Hideouts look just like regular PokéStops until youre in range, at which point youll see a Team GO Rocket Leader standing next to the associated PokéStop.

    You can equip a Rocket Radar immediately after crafting one or equip and unequip it from your Bag. Once equipped, you can tap the Rocket Radar button below the compass on the Map View to see Leader Hideouts locations.

    Note: Leaders will not appear at PokéStops unless you have a Rocket Radar equipped.

    Pokemon Go: How To Find Giovanni And Fight Him

    As another month rolls around in Pokemon Go, theres another chance to battle the elusive leader of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni. Fighting Giovanni is no easy feat, requiring plenty of work beforehand, but when you do it, theres a chance to catch the incredibly rare Mewtwo. Weve got all the details on where to find Giovanni in Pokemon Go in September 2021.

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    Is Your Super Rocket Radar Not Working

    The start of a new month usually means Pokémon GO players get a new chance to fight Giovanni. But September 2021 seems a little different. Actually its very different, and in a lot of new and interesting ways. But with so many players ready and waiting for a new Shadow Legendary to catch and no news in sight, many are wondering where is Giovanni and how to fight him in Pokémon GO for September 2021.

    Pokmon Go Giovanni Guide August 2021

    Pokemon GO: How to Find Giovanni

    How to defeat Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni in August 2021

    A guide on how to defeat the Team GO Rocket boss Giovanni in Pokémon GO. This page describes how to find Giovanni, how to defeat him and which Pokémon are the best counters for Giovannis Pokémon.

    From Giovanni has a Shadow Ho-Oh during as his last Pokémon. You can find the steps to unlock Shadow Ho-Oh quest called A Seven-Colored Shadow in our A Seven-Colored Shadow Tasks and Rewards guide.

    Note: In Trainer Battles, counters need not always be Pokémon that do super-effective damage. We include Pokémon that are more viable to defeat Giovanni, rather than those who do maximum damage.

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    Where Is Giovanni In Pokemon Go

    While Giovanni usually can be found by obtaining a , things are slightly different in September 2021, as the iconic villain has disappeared from the game!

    Theres no indication yet as to when hell return, with Niantic only stating that we hope hes not planning something in the shadows!

    The information below is based on Giovannis most recent lineup before he disappeared. When he returns, well update this page if any changes occur.

    How Do You Get Giovanni In Pokemon 2021

    Giovanni can normally be encountered in Pokemon GO by obtaining a Super Rocket Radar. This cannot be normally obtained by defeating Team GO Rocket grunts and must instead by earned by specific timed research tasks or special research tasks. Because of this, its an incredibly uncommon and valuable item to have.

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    Pokemon Go: How To Find Giovanni

    Players would need to go through and complete all four missions in the Pokemon GO’s Looming in the Shadows research. Once they completed the research missions, they will get the Super Rocket Radar, which would be hugely significant in pinpointing the location of Pokemon GO Rocket leaders’ boss.

    However, some Rocket grunts would deceive the players into fighting them by disguising as Giovanni. Good thing, players can always skip as they are not required to battle against all these grunts, saving time and effort for the leader himself. Instead, go ahead and spin the Pokestop to the back to find the location of the real Giovanni.

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    Where Is Giovanni In Pokmon Go For September 2021

    How To Get Shadow Legendary Pokemon & Battle Giovanni In Pokemon Go!

    Usually all that a Pokémon GO player needs to do is equip their Super Rocket Radar, which can be gained by completing various older Special Research or a brand new Special or Timed Research released at the beginning of the month. However that wont be happening just yet in September 2021. Instead it seems that players will need to wait for some sort of triggering event.

    The only info we have as of now is this cryptic statement from Niantic: Team GO Rockets Boss seems to be missing: Where has Giovanni gone? We hope hes not planning something in the shadows! Be sure to keep an eye out for updates throughout the season. Super Rocket Radars wont be able to track down Giovanni during this time, so no need to keep them equipped.

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    Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters: Ho

    Finally, we get to Ho-Oh. This majestic Gen 2 legendary is weak to Rock, Electric, and Water-type moves, which means you can rely on some Pokemon you may have used earlier in the fight against the Team GO Rocket boss.

    • Tyranitar, with Smack Down and Stone Edge
    • Terrakion, with Smack Down and Rock Slide
    • Regirock, with Lock On and Stone Edge
    • Rampardos, with Smack Down and Rock Slide
    • Rhyperior, with Smack Down and Stone Edge

    Of course, the best Pokemon GO Giovanni counters will change next month when the legendary leaves the rotation, so keep this guide bookmarked and come back then. In the meantime, check out some of our other Pokemon GO guides below:

    Pokemon Go Team Rocket Balloons Have Invaded The Game And The Final Step Is Beating Giovanni Following Bouts Against Different Grunts And Leaders

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    A lot of Pokemon Go Trainers are learning how to beat Giovanni, a final encounter that might hard for those who have reached the highest levels.

    As revealed earlier today, Team Rocket Balloons have filled the air and are available to battle on Android and iOS, across the digital map.

    To do this, developers Niantic has told fans to follow these steps:

    Tap a Team GO Rocket balloon, pick your battle party, and defeat Team GO Rocket to rescue their Shadow Pokémon. Team GO Rocket balloons will hover near you for a limited time, so be sure to check the map for balloons and tap them before they fly away.

    Equip your Rocket Radar to encounter balloons with Team GO Rocket Leaders, allowing you to battle Sierra, Cliff, or Arlo piloting a Team GO Rocket balloon.

    Equip your Super Rocket Radar to encounter Giovanni but it might take a few encounters to find the real bad guy lurking in the skies.

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    How To Beat Giovanni

    Giovanni’s team changes with each new appearance. Specifically, it brings with it a new Shadow Legendary Pokémon that you must beat to catch on your own. This time that Pokémon is Shadow Articuno. Defeating him will be a challenge, but before we break the best Giovanni pawns, we want to give some advice for the battle.

    Giovanni works the same as Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. He will use his shields during the first two charged attacks against him. So by focusing on fast charge attacks, you will get rid of them quickly. And keep in mind that the usual tips also apply. Using a charged attack, swapping Pokémon, or getting hit by a charged attack will give you an opening of about two quick attacks for free. Use them to build up energy and deal big damage during combat. And now it’s time to see which are the best counters against Giovanni in Pokémon GO for March 2021.

    Pokemon Go Giovanni Counters: Machamp

    Pokemon Images: Pokemon Go Looming In The Shadows Research ...

    Machamp is solely a Fighting-type, so it’s weak to Psychic and Fairy-type moves. Just be careful using Fairy-type Pokemon if the Machamp you’re up against has a Steel-type move.

    • Togekiss, with Charm and Ancient Power
    • Gardevoir, with Charm and Synchronise
    • Sylveon, with Charm and Moonblast
    • Mewtwo, with Psycho Cut and Psystrike
    • Cresselia, with Psycho Cut and Moonblast

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